WFN — Recent Activities

  •  “How to ‘Successfully’ Juggle Work and Life in Academia” — September 15, 2022 – UNTHSC Women Faculty Network invited all faculty to attend a lunch workshop with guest speaker, Dr. Abbie Shipp. Women in academia experience many demands for their time at work and in life. Is it possible to juggle multiple roles while staying sane? In this session, we discussed the latest research on how people think about and use time, allowing participants to view work and life from a different angle. Approximately 25 faculty members attended the workshop.
  • End of Year Happy Hour — May 19, 2022 – The UNTHSC Women Faculty Network (WFN) invited all faculty to come together at an informal happy hour to celebrate the end of the 2021-2022 academic year.  The event was held at World of Beer, with approximately 20 faculty members in attendance.
  • Picture a ScientistDecember 1, 2020 – The UNTHSC Women Faculty Network (WFN) co-sponsored a screening and panel discussion with the following learning objectives:
    • Develop an awareness of issues surrounding systemic gender bias and racism in science
    • Engage in a conversation about how to make science more inclusive
    • Identify short-and long-term solutions to increase diversity in science, particularly in the academic setting
  • Faculty Support SessionSeptember 1, 2020 — With the challenges of COVID-19 ever present in all of our lives, the UNTHSC Women Faculty Network (WFN) will be hosting a faculty support session focused on:
    • Work/life balance when working from home, including home schooling
    • Facing the stress and uncertainty about the future, both personally and professionally
    • Healthy coping strategies and stress managementThis session will be facilitated by our very own Dr. Susan Franks, PhD, Associate Professor at TCOM.
  • Inaugural Launch Meeting of WFN — February 21, 2020 —  We invited all faculty across UNTHSC to attend our “Launch Meeting” to learn more about the WFN, and to contribute to the discussion about how we can provide opportunities to increase recruitment, retention, and advancement of female faculty on campus.

The Leadership Team would like to thank you to all the faculty who attended the meeting. We are incredibly excited about the attendance and enthusiasm generated around this initiative –  77 faculty attended, with representation across all schools/colleges!  For those who missed the meeting, please see the presentation slides by clicking here.


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