Adjunct Clinical Faculty Appointment

Adjunct clinical faculty appointments are granted to those who serve in a clinical environment (i.e. clinical preceptors hosting Medical, PA, and Pharmacy students). Clinical credentialing is mandatory and must be completed before teaching students. Please use the links below for preparing the packet for submission to the Office of Faculty Affairs.

Things to Remember! 

  • Please submit the adjunct appointment packet through the Adjunct Faculty Management System at least 10 business days prior to the start date to allow time to review and route for approval.
  • Paid Adjunct Faculty – A position must be posted and remain open for 5 business days before closing the position. Background check and drug screen must be complete and verified by HR. 


Adjunct Clinical Appointment Packet Checklists and Memos

Criminal History Check Form (Paid adjunct)

Drug Screen Consent Form (Paid adjunct)

Verification of Current and Unrestricted License
Please click on the appropriate link below to verify current and unrestricted license.

Texas Medical Board

Texas Board of Nursing

Texas Board of Pharmacy

Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners

State Medical Boards

Non-clinical Appointment in Clinical Department

In the event that you use an adjunct faculty member for teaching with no clinical involvement, they would not need to go through the clinical credentialing process listed above. You would follow the Adjunct Non-clinical Process stating on the appointment request letter that the faculty member would have no clinical involvement.