Appeal Process

A faculty member may appeal to the faculty grievance and appeal committee within fifteen (15) working days of receipt of a written notice of an adverse decision from the school/college promotion and tenure committee or the appropriate dean only regarding the following: (i) salary, (ii) promotion, (iii) renewal of employment, (iv) renewal of appointment, (v) tenure or (vi) post tenure review. Appeals for revocation are addressed in Article XII, Faculty Misconduct. The faculty member may appeal only if he/she alleges that the adverse decision was based on an impermissible reason. Such impermissible reasons are the adverse decision(s): (i) were based on conduct protected by the Faculty Bylaws, including academic freedom or (ii) unlawful under the Constitution of Texas or the US Constitution, including First Amendment, the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment (violation of due process or equal protection); or (III) unlawful under state or federal law (“Impermissible Reason”).

Please see the process as described in the Faculty Bylaws below:

Faculty Bylaws Article XII – Appeals

Faculty Grievance and Appeal Committee