Programs for Minors on Campus

Front View Of A Caucasian Male Teacher Using A Human Anatomy Model To Teach A Diverse Group Of Elementary School Children During A Biology Lesson, The Children Sitting In A Circle And Listening While He Talks, Pointing To Organs On The Model


HSC provides opportunities for young inquisitive minds through programs aimed to educate and promote interest in higher education. The programs introduce children and youth to emerging technology tools as well as teaching them transferable skills that will help them pursue careers in the medical sciences.

The Minors on Campus policy and processes help to ensure a positive environment that promotes health, wellness, safety, and security for children and teens.

To comply with all federal and state laws and regulations, the Office to Integrity and Awareness oversees the Minors on Campus process and participation requirements for all faculty, staff and students. This includes event and program registration, minimum staff ratios and parental consent and criminal background screenings.

We also provide education and guidance on sexual abuse and child molestation training as prescribed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (“TDSHS”) this training includes reporting suspected abuse, Prohibition of certain kinds of physical and verbal interactions and one-on-one contact with minors.





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