Accredited Continuing Professional Education

The CE and Assessment Department is eager to collaborate with you in developing high quality, innovative, outcomes-oriented accredited continuing education activities. If you have an idea for a conference, workshop, regularly scheduled series, or an online module, go ahead and contact us—the earlier the better!

It is important to involve us prior to engaging in planning for CE activities. All healthcare professions’ accredited continuing education must conform with Standards for Integrity and Independence in Continuing Education. Thus, potential conflicts of interest must be addressed prior to planning an activity. If someone with a conflict of interest is involved in the planning without proper mitigation in place, the activity will not be eligible for accredited continuing education.

What kind of timeline is best for planning various activities? We suggest allowing 2 months for a one-hour, 4 months for one-day and 5+ months for a multi-day activity. Online modules vary depending on the amount of interactivity desired and length. Bring us in at the idea stage to assess what timeline is needed for online development.

Steps in the Planning Process

  1. Email to share your idea and get things started.
  2. Meet with a CE and Assessment team member. In this meeting, we will agree on a scope of work and relevant charges.
  3. Complete a learning plan.
    1. Before we can develop CE, we must identify an educational need. View this video from ACCME on closing the practice gaps for your learners.
    2. Follow our guide to a well-crafted needs assessment.
    3. Conflict of Interest Disclosures. Accredited continuing education is free from bias and the methodology for securing this is by requesting a disclosure of potential conflicts of interest from any person involved in the planning or execution of a continuing education event.
  4. Begin development and implementation

These steps vary depending on the activity type.


We are an accredited provider for the following professions:

  • Nurses (ANCC)
  • Pharmacist and pharmacist technicians (ACPE)
  • Physicians (AMA and AOA – Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners also use these credits)
  • Physical Therapists (TBPTE)
  • Public Health Professionals (NBPHE)
  • Texas Dental (per Texas Administrative Code)
  • Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (per Texas Administrative Code)
  • Texas Licensed Professional Counselors (per Texas Administrative Code)
  • Texas Social Workers (TBSWE)

The CE and Assessment Department is happy to assist with obtaining other professional continuing education credits (e.g., Long Term Care Administrators, Occupational Therapists).