Initial Faculty Appointment

Preparing the Initial Faculty Appointment Packet
Once the Recruitment Phase has been completed and Credentialing has been initiated, it is time to assemble the Initial Faculty Appointment Packet. Use the Appointment Packet Checklist to gather the packet items and send to Faculty Affairs. Faculty Affairs will prepare the appointment letter and route the packet for final signature approval.

Appointment Approval
Upon the Provost’s approval, the appointment packet is routed back to Faculty Affairs. The appointment letter and contract are distributed to the faculty member, hiring department, and HRS. When the appointment letter is received by the hiring department, the hiring manager will attach the letter to the ePAR and submit to HRS so that the faculty member’s information can be entered in to the EIS payroll system.

Staff to Faculty Appointment
There are instances when an employee is working as a Post-doc or a Research Scientist and the department chair would like to hire them in to a faculty position. Staff to faculty appointment must follow the initial faculty appointment process using the  Appointment Packet Checklist.