Faculty Recruitment and Pre-hire Screening

Human Resource Services (HRS) is the first place to start when hiring new faculty. Please direct all questions regarding position posting, ePAR, recruitment, and pre-hire screening to the HRS Team listed below.

 Contact: McKenna Erwin, Recruiting Coordinator– Mckenna.Erwin@untsystem.edu

Helpful information:

Position Posting and Offer:

The position must be posted and the candidate must apply online.  The position must remain open for 5 business days before it can be closed.  Once the candidate is selected and approval notification is received from HR, you can move forward with the offer and pre-hire screens for employment.  Please use the links below to obtain letters and forms to send to the candidate for the offer.

Offer Letters and Pre-hire screening consent forms:

Next Step:

Once you receive the signed Offer Letter and the candidate has successfully completed the pre-hire screening process you can move forward with the Credentialing Process.