the hsc at fort worth monument sign on camp bowie blvd.

University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth

the hsc at fort worth monument sign on camp bowie blvd.
HSC is one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers. Our five schools specialize in patient-centered education, research and health care.

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Patient care

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Simulation is an essential part of health care education. Our new Regional Simulation Center provides virtual training environments with cutting-edge technology.

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Diana Cervantes. Assistant Professor Biostatistics & Epidemiology

How worried should you be about monkeypox?

The chances of most Americans contracting monkeypox are slim, says an epidemiology expert at HSC.
Hsc Students And Staff In Regional Simulation Center 300 X 190

HSC opens Regional Simulation Center

HSC made history with the opening of the first immersive virtual reality simulation center in Texas.
Hsc Pride Month 2022 300 X 190

Supportive environment boosts mental health of LGBTQ+ people

Nurturing organizations like Pride are critically important for the mental health of LGBTQ+ students.
Hsc Pediatric Mobile Clinic 300 X 190

Pediatric Mobile Clinic bridges gap in care during summer

HSC's Pediatric Mobile Clinic is known for being one of the only mobile clinics in DFW that specializes in pediatrics.