Joint Appointment

Faculty who are appointed to more than one department within a school or college, or to more than one department across schools and colleges may hold a joint appointment. The primary appointment will be in the school or college where the majority of faculty workload is located. All personnel activities including annual review, promotion and tenure will be coordinated across units with overall responsibility assigned to the unit designated with the primary appointment.

Joint Appointment Process:

  1. Requesting chair confirms with the faculty member’s current chair that a joint appointment is ok.
  2. The requesting department prepares a memo requesting a joint appointment for faculty at their current rank
  3. The current chair of the faculty member and the requesting department’s dean signs the memo
  4. The memo is sent to Faculty Affairs (DeVetra Patrick), who routes for Dr. Taylor’s approval and signature.
  5. The joint appointment letter is sent to the faculty member and cc current chair, requesting chair and deans