Instructors at the UNTHSC are provided access to the Turnitin plagiarism prevention system to deter plagiarism and promote academic integrity.  There are two ways to access the Turnitin program.

Option 1.  Access the Turnitin program directly through Canvas.  If you need assistance please contact Canvas@unthsc.edu.

Option 2.  Request to be added to the institutional account by contacting Chris.Mason@unthsc.edu, (817) 735-2623.  Please note: if you choose this option, you will need to read and observe the FERPA guidelines provided below.

Turnitin and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
The FERPA prohibits institutions from releasing personally identifiable information from a student’s educational records to third parties without written consent of the student. The following guidelines are provided to assist faculty with using Turnitin in a manner that is compliant with FERPA regulations.  FERPA Guidelines and Authorization to Release Assignments Form

About Turnitin
Turnitin was developed by a group of professors at UC Berkley who were concerned with the increase of digital plagiarism. Tunitin helps prevent plagiarism by comparing student papers to sources such as commercial databases of online journal articles and periodicals, other student submissions, and current or archived information on the Internet.

Turnitin – The Basics
1. The instructor creates the class and assignment through the Turnitin website
2. The instructor submits the papers into Turnitin after students turn in an electronic version of their papers
3. Turnitin compares the content in the paper against text on the Internet, other student submissions, and commercial databases.
4. An Originality Report for each student submission is generated showing any text that appears to be duplicated.
5. The instructor can use this information to determine if the duplicated text is plagiarized. The instructor remains the arbiter of what constitutes plagiarism.

Turnitin Support
Turnitin offers support through user quickstart guides, training videos, and FAQ’s which are located at the Turnitin Support Center and offers technical support through the Turnitin Help Center.


This page was last modified on November 16, 2018