Faculty Credentialing

Clinical Credentialing

Clinical credentialing is processed through the Office of Health Care Quality & Risk Management (QM). Because credentialing can take anywhere from 60-90 days, it is critical to start the credentialing process as soon as the candidate has successfully completed the pre-hire screening process. Please work with the QM Office during the credentialing process.  The department will be notified by the QM Office when credentialing has been approved.

QM Office:
Teresa.McKimmey@unthsc.edu , 817-735-5144
Ninfa.Trevino@unthsc.edu , 817-735-0170

Non-Clinical Credentialing

Original transcripts are required for non-clinical faculty and should be requested from the terminal degree university. Copies or transcripts released to students CAN NOT be accepted.  If for some reason the department receives the transcripts, please do not open the sealed envelope. Bring directly to Faculty Affairs. The transcript is not considered “official” if opened by anyone other than the Office of Faculty Affairs.  Electronic transcripts are acceptable, but must be released directly to Chris.Mason@unthsc.edu. Questions, contact Chris.Mason@unthsc.edu, 817-735-2623.

Mail Original Transcripts Directly to:
UNT Health Science Center
3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Attention: Office of Faculty Affairs

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