Faculty Bylaws

The UNTHSC Faculty Bylaws were revised by the Faculty Bylaws and Faculty Policies Committee and have been approved by the Provost, and President, effective 9/11/2014.  Please see the links below to view/download the entire bylaws or individual articles.

Full Version: UNTHSC Faculty Bylaws 

Article I:  Organization

Article II:  The Faculty

Article III:  Academic Freedom and Responsibility

Article IV:  Faculty Rank

Article V:  Appointment

Article VI :  Evaluation of Faculty

Article VII:  Reappointment of Faculty

Article VIII:  Salary & Merit Raises

Article IX:  Promotion

Article X:  Tenure

Article XI:  Post Tenure Review

Article XII:  Appeals

Article XIII:  Faculty Misconduct

Article XIV:  Grievance by a Faculty Member

Article XV:  Financial Exigency or Phasing Out of Programs

Article XVI:  The Faculty Assembly

Article XVII:  Faculty Senate

Article XVIII:  Standing Committees

Article XIX:  Modifications of Procedures

Article XX:  Amendments to Faculty Bylaws 

College/School Faculty Bylaws

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