Office of Faculty Affairs

The Office of Faculty Affairs supports deans, department chairs and faculty by providing services for credentialing, promotion and tenure, appointments, evaluations, faculty bylaws, faculty handbook, faculty orientation, development and special events.

Contact Us:

UNTHSC Office of Faculty Affairs
3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Phone: 817-735-2623 // Fax: 817-735-2545

Jackie Williams, MA
Manager, Faculty Affairs
EAD-279 / Phone: 817-735-2460

Chris Mason
Faculty Affairs Associate
EAD-278 / Phone: 817-735-2623
Responsibilities: Initial/Adjunct Faculty Appointment, Faculty Orientation, Committees Database, committee support for Faculty Bylaws & Faculty Policies, Faculty Grievance & Appeal, School/College Promotion & Tenure Committees, Annual Promotion, Tenure and Post-tenure Review

DeVetra Patrick
Faculty Affairs Associate
EAD-270 / Phone: 817-735-2556
Responsibilities: Routing approval – Faculty Appointments, Salary Increases/Decreases, Rank Change, Cross Appointment, Annual Faculty Appointment Renewal and Non-Renewal, Faculty Profile updates, Faculty Database, Faculty Reports, Room Scheduler

Nat Paterson
Senior Administrative Coordinator
EAD-271 / Phone: 817-735-2103
Responsibilities: Administrative Support for Sr. Vice Provost of Academic Affairs and Faculty Affairs, administrative support for Faculty Senate


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