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Key Pick-Up

The UNT Health Science Center Police Department issues keys based upon a department request for a student or employee. The following steps must be followed in order for a key to be issued:

  1. Fill out the Key/Card Key Authorization Request form to request access to buildings and rooms.
  2. Obtain the appropriate signatures from a department head or controlling department.
  3. Submit the form to the Access Control office at the Police Department via mail, intercampus mail, or in person.
  4. Once notified the key is ready, you must pick it up in person with a valid photo ID.

Key Drop-Off

Once your affiliation with the University has ended, all assigned keys must be returned to the Access Control office. Many departments require a Check Out form to be completed before exit from the University is authorized, and often this will include a section for the Access Control office to sign off on. If any keys are not returned, this form will not be signed. Regardless of whether a department requires a Check Out form upon exit or termination from the University, all keys must be returned.

This page was last modified on June 10, 2015