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Key Pick-Up

The HSC Police Department issues keys based upon a department request for a student or employee. The following steps must be followed in order for a key to be issued:

  1. Fill out the Key/Card Key Authorization Request form to request access to buildings and rooms.
  2. Obtain the appropriate signatures from a department head or controlling department.
  3. Submit the form to the Access Control office at the Police Department via e-mail, mail or in person.
  4. Once notified the key is ready, you must pick it up in person with a valid photo ID.

Key Drop-Off

Once your affiliation with the University has ended, all assigned keys must be returned to the Access Control office. Many departments require a Check Out form to be completed before exit from the University is authorized, and often this will include a section for the Access Control office to sign off on. If any keys are not returned, this form will not be signed. Regardless of whether a department requires a Check Out form upon exit or termination from the University, all keys must be returned.