Parking Garages

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Faculty, staff, and students have access to the parking garages after buying a University parking permit through the Parking Office. Each garage is restricted to certain types of permits, and access is granted through the use of University ID badges. After association with the University has ended, access to the garages will be revoked.

Because garage access is controlled through the purchase of a University parking permit, there are no pay stations in the garages. Each vehicle parking in the garage must display a valid University parking permit or be subject to citation. University ID badges cannot be loaned to others in order to grant access to the garages. If a visitor needs to park on campus, they can visit the Parking Office to purchase a temporary permit, or they may park in the parking meters on Bunting Avenue.

If you are supposed to have access to a garage, but the gate will not open with your badge, you may call Access Control at (817) 735-5040 to make sure access has been added to your University ID badge. If you have forgotten your badge, you must park in surface parking until it is available.

Special Parking Requirements

Some garages have parking reserved for specific vehicle types such as compact cars. Vehicles parked in these spaces must meet the specified vehicle type or be subject to citation.

Entering Without Authorization

Following another vehicle into the garage to avoid paying for parking is unlawful and will result in a citation by the UNT Health Science Center Police Department. If you need to park on campus, please contact the Parking Office to purchase a permit.

Speed Limit

The speed limit in all garages is 10 miles per hour. Any vehicles exceeding this speed limit or violating the traffic laws will be subject to citation by the UNT Health Science Center Police Department.

This page was last modified on June 10, 2015