UNTHSC Environmental Health and Safety Office

We foster a safe and secure campus in a healthy learning environment where students, faculty, staff, and guests can thrive. The Safety Office administers multiple programs including management of Radiological and Biosafety, Hazardous Materials, and the Emergency Management Program. We also provide services such as ergonomic assessments, indoor air quality assessments, and emergency planning assistance for events.

The Occupational Safety policy, number 4.431 established the Safety Manual as the collection of procedures and standards that the Campus community must follow to remain in compliance with safety regulations and best practices. It is each employees’ responsibility to read and understand the procedures in the Safety Manual.

Hazardous Waste Removal

Alert Information

The UNTHSC utilizes multiple forms of communication to notify the campus community of an emergency and provide appropriate instruction. The links below provide information on each of these methods of communication, and how to receive alerts where applicable.

Emergency Contact

If you are experiencing an emergency please call the UNTHSC Police Department Emergency Number 817-735-2600 or ext. 2600 from a campus phone.

Concerning Behavior

The UNTHSC cares about the students, faculty, staff, and guests’ well being, takes an active role in offering services to assist those in need, educates the campus community on how to recognize concerning behavior, and suggests potential actions to take when confronted with concerning behavior. To learn more visit the Behavioral Health/Concerning Behavior website.

Contact us 

        Phone 817 -735 -2245

        Email : safety@unthsc.edu


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Radioactive Waste Removal

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