Emergency Management Services

Building Evacuation

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UNTHSC provides building-specific floor plans with pre-identified emergency exits and the Emergency Assembly Area map which indicates on-campus designated areas to assemble outdoors during an evacuation, and to help others to take shelter in nearby campus buildings.

Emergency Notifications

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Emergency Notifications are an important component of any modern campus’s safety protocols. HSC has invested considerable resources in its “RED ALERT!” Emergency Notification process so our community has the benefit of a robust and updated system.

Emergency Assembly Areas map indicates designated areas to assemble outdoors during an evacuation.

Weather Safety

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When severe weather is imminent, shelter in place by moving to a designated tornado shelter area immediately or Severe Weather Refuge Areas. Move quickly, but do not run. Assist disabled personnel in your area. Shelter in place until you hear an announcement from a member of the safety response team and/or a hand-held radio system station (if applicable) that it is safe to return to your area.


Biological Waste Removal Request
Use this form to make a request for the red box, sharps containers to be replaced.

Chemical Safety

Hazardous Waste Removal Request
Complete the online waste removal request for chemical waste removal.

Radiation Safety

Radioactive Waste Removal Request
Complete the online waste removal request for radioactive waste removal.



Those seeking permits must submit their request before work begins via the Safety office. The permit will be issued by Safety personnel onsite. Please follow the instructions for each type of permit you are requesting.

Contact Information

Main Office Phone / 817-735-2697 / Safety@unthsc.edu

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