Sexual Assault

The University of North Texas Health Science Center condemns rape, acquaintance rape, and other forms of sexual assault. Sexual violence on campus interferes with the primary mission of any educational institution. It is difficult for employees and students to work and learn in an environment where they don’t feel safe.

As part of our efforts to enlighten the campus community about this violent crime, sexual assault awareness information will be available to students, faculty and staff through a Sexual Assault and Risk Reduction Programs made available by the UNTHSC Student Affairs Department. The Women’s Center of Tarrant County has training and education programs available to teach adults how to reduce their own risk and how to help victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other traumatizing crimes.

If you are sexually assaulted on campus, it’s vital that you immediately report the incident to the UNT Health Science Center Police Department. (Report the incident to your local police if you are assaulted off campus, or call the UNT Health Science Center Police Department for assistance in notifying the proper agency) Reporting the assault will enable you to receive the help you need, will assist in seeing that the assailant is brought to justice, and could prevent campus assaults from escalating.

Counseling, mental health, or student services for victims of sex offenses are provided by the Office of Student Affairs. Off-campus services may be provided through the Student EAP program and services funded by Tarrant County.

Where probable cause exists indicating that a member of the faculty, staff, or a student has committed sexual assault, the violator will be subject to discipline under Texas criminal laws and/or under the policies of the UNT Health Science Center.

When A Sex Offense Occurs

Call the UNT Health Science Center Police Department immediately at 817-735-2600 or x2600 from campus phones.

Do not shower, bathe, or destroy any of the clothing you were wearing at the time of the assault. Do not disturb anything in the area where the assault occurred. It is important to preserve all physical evidence for court use.

What To Expect From the UNT Health Science Center Police

An officer will come to you to further ensure your safety, to ascertain if you need first aid or emergency medical treatment, and to gather the facts surrounding the offense.

You will be encouraged to get a medical exam, both for your well-being and to document and collect physical evidence of the assault. The rape exam preserves your choice to press charges at a later date. You should be examined as soon as possible to prevent the deterioration of evidence, to check for physical trauma and injury, to test for venereal disease and to determine the risk of pregnancy.

An officer will accompany you to the hospital and see that a trained rape counselor meets with you.

Where To Seek Help After An Assault

Help provided by the UNT Health Science Center may be obtained by contacting The Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program is a voluntary service designed to help employees, students and their families obtain professional guidance in dealing with personal, emotional, family or health problems. The UNT Health Science Center pays for all or a percentage of the cost for the assistance you receive.

Off-campus: organizations that provide professional help to victims of sex offenses, or to individuals seeking counseling, guidance or other types of aid, are
listed in the UNTHSC Annual Campus Security and Crime Awareness Report.

What To Expect From the UNT Health Science Center

A victim’s academic situation will be changed within reason, if requested. The student disciplinary procedures outlined in the student handbook will be followed in cases involving allegations of sex offenses. Both the accuser and accused will be entitled to the same opportunities to have others present at disciplinary proceedings. In addition, both the accuser and accused will be simultaneously notified of the UNT Health Science Center’s final determination, including any sanctions imposed against the accused. The sanctions that may be imposed in cases involving sex offenses are the same as those found in the Student Handbook for other student code infractions.

Sex Offender Registry Information

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Ch. 62: Sex Offender Registration Program, Art. 62.02
states: A person who has a reportable conviction or adjudication…shall register with the local law enforcement authority where the person resides…. In accordance with the CCP, Ch. 62 above, law enforcement agency information provided by the State of Texas, concerning registration of sex offenders, may be found online at