Card Keys

Card Key Pick-Up

The HSC Police Department assigns access to University ID badges (card keys) based.
upon a department request for a student or employee. Every employee and student will receive a card key from the Access Control office, but it will not necessarily have access assigned to it. The following steps
must be followed in order for access to be granted to a card key:

  1. Fill out the Key/Access Authorization Request form to request access to buildings and rooms.
  2. Fill out the ID Badge Request form to request a University ID badge.
  3. Appropriate signatures and chart string required before processing.

Card Key Drop-Off

Once your affiliation with the University has ended, all assigned card keys must be returned to the Access Control office. Many departments require a Check Out form to be completed before exit from the University is authorized, and often this will include a section for the Access Control office to sign off on. If any card keys are not returned, this form.
will not be signed. Regardless of whether a department requires a Check Out form upon exit or termination from the University, all card keys must be returned.

Card Key Access Problems

If your assigned card key is not working in an area where you are supposed to have access, please contact the Access Control office at (817) 735-5040 to make sure the correct access has been assigned to your card key. This includes problems encountered at doors, elevators, and garages. If you believe a card key reader to be malfunctioning, please let us know so the problem can be corrected.