How can I obtain a key for my door?

You will need to complete a Key/Card Key Request form, which can be found here. Fill out the form completely, sign and obtain the department head’s signature. Forward the form to the Access Control office for processing. You will be notified when the locksmith has issued a key.

I need my key tomorrow. Can the request be rushed?

There is one campus locksmith who has additional job responsibilities. The locksmith will do everything possible to fulfill your request, but it may not always be possible. The average wait time for a key pickup is three to four working days.

I found some UNT Health Science Center keys. What should I do with them?

Please return any keys which are not assigned to you to the Access Control office at the Police Department.

I lost a key that was assigned to me. How can I get it replaced?

There is a $10 fee for lost keys. Complete a Key/Card Key Authorization Request form and forward it to the Access Control office at the Police Department. The fee will need to be paid prior to picking up the replacement key.

I do not have adequate time to pick up the key I requested. What are my options?

For safety and security reasons, we require that the individual who requested the key be the person to sign for the key. Call (817) 735-5040 to make special arrangements for key pickup after normal office hours.

Is it acceptable to send keys through interoffice mail?

For security reasons, and to eliminate the potential for lost keys, do not send keys through interoffice mail. When you return a key that has been issued to you, the Access Control office immediately removes that key from your inventory list.

Upon terminating employment at the UNT Health Science Center, all assigned property, keys, and ID badges must be submitted to the Police Department prior to your Exit/Termination form being submitted to Human Resources.

I need my badge activated for a card reader at a lab, freight elevator, or door. What do I do?

Complete a Key/Card Key Authorization Request form including the department head’s signature and forward the form to the Access Control Office at the Police Department for processing.