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Visitor Parking

Campus Alerts

Guests on campus can opt-in to receive emergency alerts by texting

“hscguest” to 888-777

The opt in will last for 1 month and then need to be renewed.

Welcome to HSC Fort Worth!  Whether you are here to attend an event, visit one of our clinics, or visit a friend or family member, we hope your visit will be a pleasant one.

Please take a moment to read the following information to know how and where to park while visiting our campus.

Please note: Visitor spaces are for visitors to the University only. Students, employees, and others who are associated with the University are prohibited from using these spaces.

Visitor Day Passes

All vehicles parked on campus at the HSC Fort Worth are required to display a valid parking permit. As a visitor you can receive a day pass for $7 or premium surface day pass for $9.

  • Location  You can obtain a visitor day pass by visiting the Parking Office located at the intersection of Montgomery St. and Mattison Ave. in the parking garage.  Our address is 3600 Mattison Ave., Fort Worth, TX.
  • Payment Information  A visitor day pass will cost $7 per day, and can be purchased with a credit card(Discover, MC or Visa). The office is open to accept payments and distribute permits from 7:30am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday.
  • Use of Day Passes  Day passes are NOT valid in spaces marked Visitor, Lot 1, Lot 6 and Garages 4. Day passes must be displayed by hanging from your rear-view mirror with the date visible.

Visitor Parking Areas


  • The purpose of ParkMobile zones on campus is to provide a convenient way for visitors, employees, and students to park temporarily without having to visit the Parking Office to purchase a permit. These zones are not intended for students to attend class, or for employees to park while at work.
  • Zones are located along Bunting Avenue(Zone 1940), Haskell St(Zone 1960). and in Lot 1(Zone 1950) bottom row marked spaces).
  • Download ParkMobile app 

Parking Lots

Visitor parking spaces are available in Lots 6, 19 and garage 5.  Contact the Parking Office for to reserve visitor spaces.

Patient and Clinical Participant Parking

Patient parking is located behind the Health Pavilion(Lot 1).


Special Event Parking

All requests to accommodate visitors for special events should be coordinated through the Parking Office in advance. Please contact the Parking Office at to make arrangements for parking groups or visitors on campus. Group rates will apply.

Weekend Parking

HSC parking permits are required 24/7.

Fire lanes, no parking zones, and parking for persons with disabilities is enforced 24/7.

Parking for Persons with Disabilities

Spaces for visitors with disabilities are located throughout campus and are available to visitors with special needs. These spaces, however, do require BOTH a valid disabled placard/license plate and a valid HSC parking permit. If you need assistance with locating accessible parking, please contact the Parking Office.

View tips on how to avoid parking citations while visiting the HSC Fort Worth campus.

The high volume of vehicles and the limited number of parking spaces on campus necessitates the strict enforcement of the parking regulations. If you park in any lot without a valid permit, you risk being ticketed.

If you need further information, please contact the Parking Office.