Theft Prevention

REMINDER: Preventing theft starts with you!

The reality is that, most thefts that occur on college campuses involve crimes of opportunity – and are easily preventable. There are many ways in which individuals can assist police by making themselves a smaller target for thieves – commonly referred to as “target hardening”.  The UNT Health Science Center Police Department challenges YOU to practice these important theft prevention techniques, so we may eliminate opportunities for potential theft in our community.

Register your possessions on, and/or keep track of your items’ serial numbers and descriptions. This information will help the UNT Health Science Center Police Department recover your property if you are the victim of a crime (theft, burglary, robbery).

Motor Vehicle Burglary Prevention – Best Practices

HIDEvaluables from site; even better, take all items of value with you.  If a criminal doesn’t see anything, they’re less likely to break in to your vehicle and will proceed to the next vehicle to “window shop”.   Remember to hide valuables before parking and leaving your vehicle. Give a would-be thief absolutely no reason to burglarize your car.  Remember – It all starts with YOU!

LOCKyour vehicle.  Yes, it only takes seconds to break a window, but doing so makes noise – and criminals hate noise.  Locking your vehicle also means “securing” your vehicle.  You also want to make sure that all windows are rolled up before locking your vehicle.  Also, if you have a car alarm please make sure it is working properly – and use it!

TAKEyour keys. Unfortunately, it is still common practice for individuals to leave their keys in their car and/or in the ignition when unattended.  Police officers often come across unattended vehicles with the keys in the ignition and engine running.  This is not only bad practice, but it is a violation of the Texas Transportation Code.

*Remember there is no 100% fool-proof way to prevent all crime.  You can make yourself less likely to be a victim of Motor Vehicle Burglary by following the above practices and using common sense.  Simply locking your vehicle and removing property is half the battle!

Report ANY suspicious activity, and/or person(s) to the Police Department at (817) 735-2210. 

Bicycle Theft Prevention – Best Practices

  • Always park your bike at a designated bicycle rack.
  • Secure your bicycle to the rack using a U-lock. Chain and cable locks can be easily broken.
  • Make sure you have written down (in a safe place) the bicycle’s make, model, color, and serial number.
  • If a quick release is used for any part of the bike (i.e. seat post), make sure and take parts with you.
  • Never leave your bicycle parked at a location for a prolonged period of time.
  • Do not secure your bicycle to a tree, parking meter, sidewalk railing, etc. – use common sense and courtesy.
  • Register your bike online @
  • If you witness any suspicious activity and/or person(s) at any university bike rack please call the Police Department at (817) 735-2210.

Workplace Theft Prevention – Best Practices

Most of the reported thefts that occur on campus involve crimes of opportunity (leaving property unattended, unlocked doors, desks, cabinets, etc.), so please take the necessary steps to lesson your chances of becoming a victim…

  • Always ensure that vehicle windows are rolled up and all doors are locked when parking on campus…remember HIDE, LOCK, TAKE!
  • Do not leave your wallet/purse/valuables in unlocked desks, cabinets, or in the open.
  • Lock up your desk and secure belongings when you leave from work each day.
  • Lock your door when you leave, even if you are gone for a short time – it just takes a few seconds for someone to steal your property.
  • Create an office or building watch program within your department; work with other occupants to monitor offices and property.
  • Prior to seeking appropriate shelter during weather related emergencies, and if time allows, make sure you do not leave money and/or valuables unattended.
  • Politely offer assistance to persons in your building/office area you do not recognize. If they have legitimate business, they will appreciate your help; if they act suspicious, call the Police Department immediately and be prepared to give a detailed description of the individual.
  • Visit to register your property online
  • Report ANY suspicious activity, and/or person(s) to the Police Department at (817) 735-2210. 

ID Theft Prevention – Protecting Your Good Name

ID Theft can be incredibly destructive to you and your family.  Please take the preventative measures necessary to decrease your chances of being a victim.

PLEASE visit the following websites to educate yourself on minimizing your risk to ID Theft: