Support Division

The Support Division is:

  • Administration
  • Access Control
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Office of the Chief
  • Parking
  • Professional Standards
  • Records

Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations personnel are trained to investigate a wide variety of offenses which may be reported to the UNT Health Science Center Police Department. Once an incident has been reported, this function provides support to the Patrol Division by collecting and preserving evidence and interviewing any victims, witnesses, or suspects. In addition to providing this support, this function works to:

  • Conduct forensic examination of crime scenes
  • Obtain and serve arrest and search warrants
  • Testify in court
  • Investigate narcotic activity
  • Submit evidence to crime labs
  • Prepare and file prosecution reports with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office
  • Assist other law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations

For information on the Criminal Investigations function, contact Chief Richard McKee.

Professional Standards

This function is responsible for:

  • The development and maintenance of department accreditation files, including proof documentation
  • Gathering crime data for monthly and annual reports
  • Providing accreditation training for agency personnel
  • Developing and revising department policies
  • Ensuring department policies comply with accreditation standards

For information on the Professional Standards function, at (817) 735-2210.


The Records function is responsible for maintaining all offense, incident, and arrest records generated by the UNT Health Science Center Police Department.

Public copies of reports are available during normal business hours. Reports will not be available until 24 hours after the report was taken.

You may download a Records Request form by clicking here.

For information on the Records function, contact at (817) 735-2210.