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The Financial Aid Office knows that paying for graduate or professional school can be an overwhelming experience for students. It is our goal to provide you, our students, with financial assistance and advice to help you manage the costs associated with your educational pursuits.


How to Apply

For information on how to apply for financial aid

Cost of Attendance

For information on your yearly program costs

Disbursement Dates

To find out when tuition and Fees are being paid

COVID-19 Update

As we continue to focus on the health and well-being of our students and staff, all communications will move to a virtual format until further notice.If you have any questions you can use the Live Chat feature on our website during normal business hours to speak directly with a Financial Aid Counselor. Just look for the green chat button in the lower right hand corner.

You can also contact us at

Another resource to stay up to date on Financial Aid and Covid-19:

2021-2022 Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

How do you know your loan money is here each semester:

You will know we have received your funds when you get a "Right to Cancel" email--at this point the funds have been released to Student Financials for processing. The Student Financials Office will send you an email when they have processed your refund as well. As of Fall 2015, financial aid regulations prohibit federal financial aid from paying finance and/or overtime charges.  Once federal financial aid has paid eligible tuition and fees, some students may receive a refund yet still owe a balance because of finance and/or overtime charges.  Payment arrangements would need to be made with UNTHSC Student Accounting for the remaining balance to secure a student’s classes.

Incoming Students

Please watch your To Do List on your MyHSC. If you accepted an unsubsidized loan you will have to complete Entrance Loan Counseling and Sign a Master Promissory Note at before we can even request your loan funds. Please remember your disbursement date is NOT the date you receive your funds.  This is the date we request your funds from the Department of Education.  Reminder! Your Financial Aid will be split evenly between the terms you are enrolled.

Code of Conduct

The Financial Aid Staff at the UNT Health Science Center adheres to a Code of Conduct which prohibits any conflict of interest in administering programs for financial aid. To read more about this Code of Conduct, click here.