Cost of Attendance at HSC

The Cost of Attendance (COA), also known as a student’s budget, is the estimated average amount it will cost a student to attend for a period of enrollment at HSC. Cost of Attendance figures at HSC include required fixed costs such as tuition, fees, books, and supplies.  COA also includes allowances for living expenses such as room and board, transportation, and personal expenses.  The COA is determined by the most accurate and up to date information at that time, and some figures can change to increase/decrease the listed amount.  The costs has been broken down into the various programs and schools within the university.

These are estimates only.  To help determine your budget, you can view this link for Tuition and Fees.


The amounts above are based on full-time enrollment.  If you are not enrolled in at least full-time, you will be assigned a half-time COA. The COA will be reviewed on the disbursement date.  Students who enroll full-time after receiving a half-time budget must notify the Financial Aid Office to increase their COA.  Most financial aid requires that students are enrolled at least half-time.  Please see the enrollment requirements below:

DO, DPT, PA and PharmD students are considered full-time by the FAO and the Registrar’s Office.

SBS and SPH students working on a thesis, dissertation, internship, or practice experience can also be considered full-time.


6 semester hours
3 Semester hours

9 hours per semester
5 hours per semester