Emergency Management

Thank you for your interest in environmental health and safety at HSC. Below you will find helpful campus information and links to websites that provide additional information about preparing for emergencies. This includes an FAQ about the Nov. 16, 2022, Red Alert incident on the HSC campus, where to go on campus in case of a building evacuation or severe weather, how to develop safety plans, information about the HSC weather station, and links to weather safety and awareness information.


Building Evacuation and Severe Weather Refuge Areas

HSC provides building-specific floor plans with pre-identified Severe Weather Refuge Areas and emergency exits. HSC also provides an Emergency Assembly Area map that indicates on-campus designated areas to assemble outdoors during an evacuation. To access the floor plans or the Emergency Assembly Area map, click on the link provided, log in with your EUID and password, then click on the link(s) of interest for a copy of the plan.


Emergency Preparedness

Visit the KnoWhat2Do public education campaign website to learn more about how to develop safety plans, and how to prepare for and response to Severe Weather, Mass Violence, Local Hazards, Epidemics, and Pandemics.


HSC Weather Station

Did you know the HSC has a Weather Station on the HSC campus? Visit the HSC Weather Station to see on-campus, real-time weather conditions.


Weather Safety

Please visit the links below for information on Weather Safety, including those potentially impacting the HSC geographic area, as well as those potentially impacting the HSC students, faculty, and staff who are traveling, and studying elsewhere in the United State or internationally.




Environmental Health and Safety Office: 817-735-2245 (ext. 2245)