Environmental Health and Safety Office

Bomb Threat

Threat Call Procedures

Download and print this Threat Call Procedures and Checklist and keep a copy at your desk.

In the event you receive a threat call (i.e., bomb threat, armed assault, and custody issues):

Do not hang up! Remain Calm! Obtain as much information as possible!

  • Listen carefully. Be polite and show interest.
  • Try to keep the caller talking to learn more information.
  • If possible, use a signal, or pass a note to alert other personnel to call campus police, or as soon as the caller hangs up, immediately notify campus police yourself at (817) 735-2600 or dial 2600 from a campus phone.
  • If your phone has a display, copy the number and/or letters on the window display;
  • Complete the threat checklist (below) immediately. Write down as much detail as you can remember. Try to get exact words.
  • Immediately upon termination of the call, do not hang up, but from a different phone, contact campus police immediately with information and await instructions.

Threat by Handwritten note

  • Call the Campus PD Emergency Line at (817) 735-2600 or dial 2600 from a campus phone.
  • Handle the note as minimally as possible

Threat by Email

  • Call Campus PD Emergency Line at (817) 735-2600 or dial 2600 from a campus phone.
  • Do Not Delete the Message

DO NOT use two-way radios or cellular phone; radio signals have the potential to detonate a bomb.

DO NOT evacuate the building until police arrive and evaluate the threat.

DO NOT activate the fire alarm.

DO NOT touch or move a suspicious package.

If There Is An Explosion:

  • Take cover under sturdy furniture, or leave the building if directed to do so by emergency responders.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Do not light matches.
  • Move well away from the site of the hazard to a safe location.
  • Use stairs only; do not use elevators.
  • Call University Police at (817) 735-2600.