Hazardous Chemicals List

Hazard Communications

The Texas Hazard Communication Act (THCA), TAC 25 § 295, is a state “worker right-to-know” law that requires public employers to provide their employees with specific information and training on the hazardous chemicals to which employees may be exposed in the workplace. The two primary components of this law are an employer’s obligation to provide to its staff/students a workplace chemicals list and access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for each of the hazardous chemicals provided on the list.

Users within the HSC system can view the Master Chemical Hazard List here.


Workplace Chemical List

Annually, the first workday in October, EH&S will send out a chemical inventory spreadsheet (link to sheet below) to the HSC community to be returned at the end of the month. PLEASE FILL IN THE SPREADSHEET EXACTLY AS IT IS, DO NOT ALTER THE SHEET IN ANY WAY. The only members of the community that need to return this completed list are facilities shops, clinics, and research labs. Office space environments do not need to complete this inventory spreadsheet. Once the chemical inventories have been returned Safety will compile a master list of the hazardous chemicals on campus and publish in the link below. Work areas that submit a hazardous chemicals list are encouraged to keep a hard copy near the entrance to the space and to maintain the list so it is current at all times.

HSC Chemical inventory spread sheet 2020

Templates for posting Safety Signage and the Hazardous Chemicals List at the Lab Entrance

The links below provide templates to customize the lab’s entry signage and list the lab’s hazardous materials inventory at the door.


Landscape lab sign

Portrait LAB SIGN

Hazardous materials List supplemental form


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