We provide expertise and consultation on issues related to biological safety with the goal of maintaining a safe workplace, preventing environmental contamination and complying with applicable federal, state and local requirements.

 IBC Guidance For UNTHSC Investigators

Regarding the recent  COVID 19 Situation


UNTHSC Biosafety Manual

The Biosafety Manual is the guiding document for all work with biohazardous materials at UNTHSC. It details the requirements for acquiring, handling, and disposal of biohazards, as well as training requirements and regulatory requirements for personnel.

Biosafety Training

All employees who work with biological materials as a part of their normal job duties at UNTHSC are required to complete Biological Safety Training.

The training is provided through the online Compliance tool and can found by following this link: Biological Safety Training. Log in using your EUID and password and complete the modules.

If you have questions about the training please contact the Biosafety Officer at 817-735-5431.

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