Alert Beacons

In the event of an emergency, UNTHSC staff will activate wall mounted Alert Beacons in prominent locations throughout the UNTHSC campus to complement the Red Alert system.


The purpose of activating an Alert Beacon isto capture the attention of building occupants at a distance with flashing lights and sound in the event of an emergency posing a threat to life safety or property. Upon activation, the beacon displays a custom message about the nature of the emergency and how to respond.


If you hear or see an Alert Beacon activate:Alert Beacon

  • Locate the closest beacon
  • Read the custom message
  • Follow the message instructions


The UNTHSC may activate the Alert Beacons

  • Natural Hazards (tornados, winter weather)
  • Technological Hazards (gas leak, fire)
  • Human Caused Threats (campus violence, bomb threat)


Patient Care Center (PCC)

  • Patient waiting area on each floor


  • On each level

Center for BioHealth (CBH)

  • 100 – Radiology Associates
  • 220 – Alcon Auditorium

Carl E. Everett Education and Administration (EAD)

  • 108 – Luibel Hall

Medical Education and Training (MET)

  • 124 – Auditorium
  • 125 – Auditorium

Research and Education (RES)

  • 100 – Everett Hall
  • 114 – Beyer Hall
  • Gross Anatomy Lab

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