Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Manual

The Radiation Safety Manual is the guiding document for all usage of radioactive materials on campus. It details the procedures that must be followed for ordering, handling, storing, and disposal of radioactive materials, as well as the responsibilities of the institution, responsible officials, and authorized users of radioactive materials.

Radiation Safety Training

All employees who work with radioactive materials at UNT HSC are required to complete Radiation Safety training.

The training is provided through the online Compliance tool and can be found by following this link: https://learnhsc.bridgeapp.com/learner/courses/80012c25/enroll

Log in using your EUID and password and complete the modules. At the end of the course, you will be prompted to enter your password a second time to gain access to your certificate of completion, which you may print for your records.

If you have any questions about the training, please contact the Radiation Safety Officer at 817-735-2243.

Safety Office: 817-735-2697 (x2697)


Radioactive Waste removal – Complete the online waste removal request for radioactive waste removal

Radiation Safety Committee

The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) is responsible for all policies and practices regarding the license, purchase, shipment, use, monitoring, disposal, and transfer of radioisotopes or sources of radiation at the health science center. The day-to-day details of the program are delegated to the RadiationSafetyOfficer (RSO), who is also the liaison with the Bureau of Radiation Control. In his absence, this responsibility rests with the Assistant Radiation Safety Officer (ARSO) and then with members of the RSC. The committee will meet a minimum of four times each year at the beginning of each calendar quarter (usually the Friday in January, April, July, and October). Additional meetings can be called as deemed necessary.

Radiation Safety Committee Members

Chair:  Mathew Porunelloor, Ph.D.
Professor – Microbiology, Immunology & Genetics

Alan Corbitt, ARSO
Hazardous Material Assistant Director

George Kofi Osei, Ph.D., RSO
Program Manager for Radiation Safety

Maya Nair, Ph.D., ARSO
Director, Biological and Laboratory Safety

Inwoo Park, Ph.D.
Professor – Microbiology, Immunology & Genetics

Bibek Thapa, Ph.D.
Manager, Preclinical Imaging Core Lab

Donna Coyle, MS
Ex. Director, Research Services, College of Pharmacy.

Acquisition of Radioactive Materials

Authorized Users are responsible for following proper administrative procedures when ordering radioactive materials. All orders require the prior approval of the RSO. Users may not use a procurement card to purchase isotopes. Users must order radioactive materials through the ePro system. For ePro orders, the item’s single-line description must include the catalog number, isotope name, chemical name, and radioactive quantity (each). For example, BLU013Z,[32P]dCTP,500μCi. In the justification text box on the Justification Summary page of the ePro order, type the following on the top line, followed by your other information:

To have your radioactive materials order routed automatically to the RSO and his staff for approval, you must use one of the following goods category codes given in Table

Code 193-80 Radioactive chemicals
Code 269-78  Radioimmunoassay Kits

ePro orders that are approved by the account holder to the Safety Office for RSO approval. Either the RSO or the assistant

Obtain a radiation badge
Persons needing a radiation dosimeter, complete the application form for the request for radiation badge service. This form is to be completed by the authorized user for a member of his or her staff who needs the badge. The form should be sent to the office of the RSO. The RSO will issue a temporary badge, and a permanent badge with the name of the worker shall be ordered. Badges may be picked up in the office of the RSO when they are ready. The application is available in Radiation Safety Manual

Request For Radiation Badge 

Fore more information please contact

George Osei, PhD
Program Manager of Radiation Safety
Phone: 817-735-2243