Radiation Safety

UNTHSC  Radiation Safety program provides safety and compliance support and training for the use of radioactive materials, and X-ray machines. Training provided includes Basic Radiological Health  training. EHS maintains the university’s  license for radioactive materials as well as the registration for radiation producing machines (X-rays). The Radiation Safety Manual is the guiding document for all usage of radioactive materials on campus. It details the procedures that must be followed for ordering, handling, storing, and disposal of radioactive materials, as well as the responsibilities of the institution, responsible officials, and authorized users of radioactive materials. Radiation policies and procedures are in place to maintain compliance with the Texas Regulations for Control of Radiation and the University’s Radioactive Materials License, and to ensure the protection of all personnel.   These procedures include guidance for keeping personal exposure to radiation AS LOW AS REASONABLY ACHIEVABLE (ALARA), wearing personnel dosimeters when deemed necessary by the Radiation Safety Office, and utilizing all appropriate protective measures.

Contact Information

Maya Nair, PhD, RBP- Radiation Safety Officer
Phone: 817-735-5431

Alan Corbitt – Assistant Radiation Safety Officer 
Phone: 817-735-2697


Radiation Safety Manual  2021

This Radiation Safety Manual is hereby approved for the University of North Texas Health Science Center. This plan shall apply to all HSC personnel participating in all scientific and medical research activities at HSC facilities or sanctioned activities. The details of this plan are the institutional policies directing the safe use of radioactive materials and radiation producing device in research. This plan is effective immediately and supersedes all previous editions.

Radiation Safety  Training

All researchers should complete radiation safety training before you work with radioactive materials.

Radiation Safety Committee

The RadiationSafetyCommittee (RSC) is responsible for all policies and practices regarding the license, purchase, shipment, use, monitoring, disposal and transfer of radioisotopes or sources of radiation at the health science center. The day to day details of the program are delegated to the RadiationSafetyOfficer (RSO) who is also the liaison with the Bureauof RadiationControl. In his absence this responsibility rests with the Assistant RadiationSafety Officer (ARSO) and then with members of the RSC. The committee will meet a minimum of four times each year at the beginning of each calendar quarter (usually the Friday in January, April, July, and October). Additional meetings can be called as deemed necessary.

Chair:  Mathew, Porunelloor, PhD
Professor – Microbiology,Immunology & Genetics,  Member


Corbitt, Alan, ARSO
Hazardous Materials Asst Dir

Erickson, Chris, MBA, ASP, CHMM
Director, Environmental Health and Safety

Nair, Maya, PhD, RBP, – RSO
Director, Biological and Radiological Safety

Park, Inwoo, PhD
Associate Professor – Microbiology,Immunology & Genetics

Su, Dong-Ming, PhD
Professor – Microbiology,Immunology & Genetics


Radioactive Material Usage – How to get approval for an Authorized usership for working with radioisotope at UNTHSC

The use of radioactive materials at the University of Texas Dallas requires researchers to submit an application ( letter of interest, CV, Radioisotope usage experience)  to the University Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).  The application and approval process, require the researcher to specify where and how the isotope will be used, stored and disposed of.  All staff must be trained in radiation safety.   All application materials and training requirements are to be submitted to the RSO for review and submission to the Radiation Safety Committee for approval.  The application materials will then be submitted to the State of Texas Bureau of Radiation Control for final approval.

Radioactive Waste Disposal

Please follow the below guidelines when dealing with radioactive waste:

  • Storage: store radioactive waste in the designated area in the laboratory in the designates containers with proper labeling.
  • Contact RSO/ARSO (extn 2697)  to request radioactive material container request.
  • Disposal: Solid & LS Vials – Segregate by half-life, place in yellow bag,  close securely in the yellow container. Provide the quantity, isotope name and radioactivity information
  • Biological (Animal): Segregate by half-life; place in two black opaque bags; complete and attach radioactive material waste tag.
  • Liquid: Collect in a plastic containers; complete and attach hazardous materials tag.

Complete the online Radioactive  Waste Removal Request form given below  for Rad waste pick up.


Purchase of Radioactive Material

Authorized Users are responsible for following proper administrative procedures when ordering radioactive materials. All orders require the prior approval of the RSO. Users may not use a procurement card to purchase isotopes. Users must order radioactive materials through the ePro system. For ePro orders, the single line description of the item must include the catalog number, isotope name, chemical name and radioactive quantity (each). For example: BLU013Z,[32- P]dCTP,500µCi. In the justification text box on the Justification Summary page of the ePro or- der, type the following on the top line, followed by your other information: RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL Deliver to Safety Office To have your radioactive materials order routed automatically to the RSO and his staff for approval, you must use one of the following goods category codes in ePro:

The purchasing category code for radioactive chemicals is 193-80, and the purchasing code for radioactive pharmaceuticals is 269-78

All radioactive materials are to be shipped from vendors or other licensees addressed to the RSO at the following address:

Radiation Safety Officer
UNT Health Science Center Central Receiving
3420 Darcy Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Transfer from other licensees
Authorized users who wish to obtain radioactive research materials from researchers at other institutions must contact the RSO before materials are shipped. Authorized user should have the name and phone number of the collaborator at the other institution, the name and phone number of the RSO at that institution and a description including amounts of the material to be sent. The RSO will contact the RSO of the other institution, send a copy of the health science center radio- active materials license to the other institution, and arrange for the materials to be shipped to the health science center at the address given below in the section entitled Receipt of radioactive materials.

Monthly wipe tests
Authorized users and their staff shall perform wipe tests in all restricted areas under the control of the authorized user in which radioactive material is used during any calendar month.

Monthly wipe test documentation must be turned in to the RSO on a timely basis. Wipe tests or documentation of no use during the calendar month is due the first working day of the next month, and will be considered timely if received in the Safety Office by the close of business on the third working day of the next month. Refer to UNTHS Radiation Safety Manual for procedures and sanctions related to monthly area surveys.

Violation of this policy and procedure will lead to the following disciplinary actions for the authorized user for radioisotope and his/ her laboratory personnel. First Offense, 30 days suspension of ordering and receiving privileges; The radiation safety committee will require the authorized user and his/her laboratory personnel to retake the online radiation safety training. The radiation safety training must be completed within 30 days of the notification of violation. Second Offense, 60 days suspension of ordering and receiving privileges; The radiation safety committee will require the authorized user and his/her laboratory personnel to retake the online radiation safety training. The radiation safety training must be completed within 30 days of the notification of violation. Third offense, loss of all privileges in the radioactive materials program, with reapplication to the radiation safety committee required. The radiation safety committee will require the authorized user and his/her laboratory personnel to retake the online radiation safety training. The radiation safety training must be completed within 30 days of the notification of violation.

Authorized user discipline: Authorized users whose research group loses all privileges in the radioactive materials program under this policy (a third offense detected by the RSO) shall be referred to the cognizant Dean fir discipline under the faculty by-laws. After the discipline has been administered, the faculty member may re-apply to the radiation safety committee for privileges

Obtain a radiation badge
Persons needing a radiation dosimeter complete the application from for request for radiation badge service.This form is to be completed by the authorized user for a member of his or her staff who needs the badge. The form should be sent to the office of the RSO. The RSO will issue a temporary badge and a permanent badge with the name of the worker shall be ordered. Badges may be picked up in the office of the RSO when they are ready. the application for is available at Radiation Safety Manual 2021

Dosimetry Badge request form-  REQUEST FOR RADIATION BADGE