M3V Data Management SDS Library

Safety Data Sheets

To comply with the THCA’s SDS requirement, HSC employs an outside vendor, M3V Data management. This provider uses cloud-based software to provide immediate access to an employer’s SDSs via its web browser.

Please click the icon below to access HSC’s SDS Library.

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Accessing the SDS Library

1. Click on the icon above to get the library.

2. Search in field of choice to locate record.

3. Once product is found, highlight the record, then double click to open PDF copy.

4.PDF copy of the SDS sheet will automatically open. Now you can view, print or save.

If there’s an emergency and an individual has come in contact with a chemical, you can access both first aid and emergency  contact information quickly:

1. Search in the field of choice, to locate record.

2. Once product is found, highlight the record.

3. Click the emergency button on the record.

4. A window opens with relevant information.