How to Avoid Citations

Tips for Parking on Campus | How to Properly Display Your Permit

Tips for Parking on Campus

It is not difficult to avoid parking citations. Read and follow these simple rules – they will save you money!

If You Don’t Have a Permit

  • Do not park on campus in a space reserved for a permitted vehicle.
    Visitors may speak to one of the guards in the kiosks for assistance in finding a place to park.
  • Visit the Parking Office to purchase a day pass for $2.
  • There are ParkMobile zones located on Bunting Avenue and in Lot 1 that may be used for short-term parking.

When Parking On Campus

  • Carefully read the signs that apply to the parking space you are in. All spaces on campus require a permit. If there is no sign in front of a space, refer to either the sign at the entrance of the parking lot or the nearest posted sign that governs the area.
  • Do not park in spaces designated for persons with disabilities unless you have the proper permit. The university strongly
    supports the ADA and stiff fines are issued to cars parked illegally in these spaces.
    Note: Spaces designated for persons with disabilities are so designated at all times. From 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., a State of Texas disability placard/license plate and University permit are required. After 5 p.m., a State of Texas disability placard/license plate is still required.
  • Be sure to properly display your permit. You will be issued a citation if the officer cannot see your permit. Instructions on how to display the permit are located here.
  • Do not park against the flow of traffic.
  • Permits are only valid in certain areas. Do not park in an area marked for another permit type.
  • Visitor spaces are for visitors to the University only. Students, employees, and others who are associated with the University are prohibited from using these spaces.