Faculty and Staff

The facilities of the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth are intended to be used to the fullest in keeping with the purposes of the institution — education, research, patient care and community service. Use of space is coordinated to attain maximum benefits to the Health Science Center community.

Please see 4.105 Facilities Use Policy for complete detail.

Center for Innovative Learning (CIL)

The CIL has a room available to faculty and staff for HSC workshops, presentations, and meetings. The facility is located on the 4th floor of the Library and will accommodate up to fifty people. Please note, the CIL room will be reserved based upon the schedule and prior approval of the CIL management. To schedule the CIL please contact 817-735-2970 or email Cathy.Mobley@unthsc.edu

Out of Cycle Room Requests

There are instances in which departments host special events (i.e. national conferences/symposiums, community events) which must be planned for well in advance and need date/room confirmation out of the normal room request cycle.  Events that are requested out of cycle must have approval from the Office of the Provost. Please complete and submit the Out of Cycle Room Request Form to request approval.

Audio Visual Needs

For AV needs, you can place your request through the Room Scheduling System when requesting a room or contact Classroom Education Technology Support (CETS) at cets@unthsc.edu or 817-735-2481.  Please submit your requests at least 10 business days in advance of your event.

Set-up for Events

It is the department’s responsibility to ensure that set-up for internal events is coordinated through Facilities Management. If you need tables and chairs, please submit your request at least 10 business days in advance through this Facilities Work Order link  located on the UNTHSC Intranet. Questions or assistance please contact 817-735-2182.

Food and Room Clean Up 

It is the department’s responsibility to clean the room after the meeting/event by removing all items, food and making sure the table is clean. Please be considerate for the next group that will be using the room after your event. Custodial Services should be notified to empty trash cans through Facilities Management at 817-735-2182 at least business days in advance.

Table Cloths

Table cloths are provided by the President’s Office.  Please contact Shea Patterson, Special Events Administrator at Shea.Patterson@unthsc.edu or 817-735-0301 at least 10 business days prior to your event.

Parking on Campus

If you have outside guests attending an event on campus, please contact HSC Police at 817-735-2211 or email Police@unthsc.edu at least 10 business days prior to the event for parking information and guidelines.


Alcohol on Campus

Alcohol is permitted at events after 5:00 pm but permission is required.  Please submit the Alcohol Request Form to the Room Scheduling Office for approval. Requests should be submitted at least 10 business days in advance to allow for approval routing and sufficient time to schedule the Police Department staff if needed.

Employee Personal Events

Employees can rent the Atrium, Luibel Hall or EAD-291 at the HSC for personal events. If you are scheduling a personal event for other family members, the employee must attend and will be held responsible for any damages. If you would like to reserve a room, please visit the Employee and Student Personal Events page.

This page was last modified on May 20, 2016