Section VI: Parking Permits

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  1. A University parking permit is required to park on the HSC Fort Worth campus 24/7. Handicap spaces are enforced at all times.
  2. Issuance of Permits: A parking permit will be issued upon payment of the parking fee to the Parking Office. This permit is transferable to any passenger vehicle being operated by or for the transportation of the permit holder. Individuals shall not lend, sell, or otherwise allow other persons to use their permit. Ownership of all permits remains with the University and is not transferable.
    1. The Chief of Police may issue special permits under the conditions and at the fees indicated in this regulation.
    2. Vehicles must be registered with the Parking Office before any type of permit will be issued. Registration includes the vehicle(s) make, color, style, license plate number, and state of registration. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to inform the parking offices of any changes in their vehicles (e.g., purchase of a new car), home or work addresses, contact information, etc.
    3. Purchase of a permit may not guarantee a parking place on campus. Purchase of a parking permit signifies that an individual has been granted the privilege of parking a vehicle on University property.
    4. Permit holders are responsible for all fees and fines associated with their permits and/or registered vehicles.
    5. Acceptance of a University parking permit is acknowledgment that the University may make payroll deductions for outstanding parking permit fees.
    6. A permit will not be issued if the individual is barred or is otherwise ineligible for a permit.
    7. Issuance of a parking permit signifies that the permit holder agrees to abide by these Parking and Traffic Regulations.
  3. Display of Permits: Permits shall be hung on the rearview mirror of the vehicle according to the instructions furnished on the permit. Failure to follow instructions concerning the permit or failure to display the permit properly by hanging it or placing it on your dash may result in a University citation.
  4. Surrender or Removal of Permits: It is the responsibility of the permit holder to return their permit to the Parking Office when they terminate their relationship with the University. Permits not returned to the Parking Office for cancellation remain active and the permit holder is responsible for paying outstanding fees as monthly charges accrue. In addition, permits may be required to be surrendered or removed:
    1. When there is a change in ownership of the vehicle
    2. When a replacement permit has been issued
    3. Upon expiration or revocation of the permit
  5. Expiration of Permits: All permits expire on August 31 each year unless otherwise noted on the permit.
  6. Payment of Permit Fees: When a purchase is made for a permit, the fee charged will be for the complete permit period or for the entire unexpired portion of the permit period. Permits may be purchased in the following methods:
    1. Payroll deduction (for eligible employees only)
    2. MasterCard, Visa, or Discover
    3. Checks or money orders (made payable to the UNT Health Science Center)
    4. University Interdepartmental Transmittal/IDT (departmental use only)
  7. Permit Replacement Charges: A lost/stolen permit must be reported to the Parking Office immediately. Permits reported lost or stolen may not be replaced without the approval of the Parking Office.
    1. Lost/stolen permits may be replaced for a fee of $5. University ID badges for garage access are replaced for a fee of $20.
    2. Replacement permits will be issued at no charge if the permit, or its remnants showing the permit number, are returned to the Parking Office.
  8. Permit Refunds: Refunds will not be issued.  All sales are finals.
  9. Permit Renewals: Permit renewals are the responsibility of each permit holder. Failure to renew the permit for any reason is the sole responsibility of the permit holder and may result in citation. All deadlines are final. Renewal notifications are a courtesy only and failure to receive a notification does not alleviate the permit holder of responsibility to renew the permit by the deadline.
  10. Permit Misuse: The penalty for unauthorized sale, distribution, counterfeit, or alteration of a University parking permit and/or the possession of an illegally purchased, distributed, counterfeited, or altered permit shall be the amount equal to the original value of the permit, plus all citations issued, including a citation for lost/stolen/forged permit. The Parking Office also reserves the right to suspend campus parking privileges with no refunds as well as ban the vehicle displaying the illegal permit, or any vehicle registered or operated by the party(ies) found in possession of the unauthorized permit. Students may be referred to the Office of Student Affairs and faculty/staff may have the matter forwarded to their dean or director for further action. Misuse of any permit shall result in confiscation of the permit, and a restriction on issuing permits for at least one year. No refunds shall be issued on fraudulent permits requiring a paid fee. Persons found displaying said permits in violation of this section will be subject to the appropriate fine, booting, and/or towing of their vehicle(s) and all fines relevant to the booting of the vehicle and all currently outstanding fines must be paid prior to the release of the boot.
  11. Classes of Permits: The following is a detailed listing of the various types of permits:
    1. Premium Permit
      1. The Premium permit can be purchased by any current HSC Faculty, Employee or Student.
      2. The availability of this permit is limited and may be subject to a waiting list
    2. Employee Permit (Faculty/Staff)
      1. The Employee permit can be purchased by any current University employee.
      2. Employee permit holders may park in any designated Employee spaces.
    3. Student Permit (Student): Student parking permits may be issued to students who are registered for or auditing classes at the University. Students may purchase either a full year permit, monthly permit and/or day pass.
      1. Full Year Student parking permit: This permit is valid for the entire year, including summer, from September 1 until August 31 of the following year.
      2. Fall Semester Student temporary hangtag: This permit is valid for the Fall semester only, from September 1 until December 31 of the same year.
      3. Spring Semester Student temporary hangtag: This permit is valid for the Spring semester only, from January 1 until May 31 of the same year.
      4. Student permit holders may park in any designated Student spaces.
    4. Motorcycle Permit: Motorcycle parking permits may be issued to faculty, staff, and students with motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds.
      1. The Motorcycle Permit can be purchased by any current faculty member, staff member, or student.
      2. Motorcycle permit holders may only park a motorcycle, motor scooter, or moped in designated Motorcycle parking spaces.
      3. Automobiles or other vehicles not designated as a motorcycle, motor scooter, or moped are prohibited from parking in designated Motorcycle parking spaces at all times.
    5. Temporary Permit: Temporary permits may be issued in areas where space is determined to be available. A fee will be charged for such permits. Scratch-off or special one-day permits may also be available as a type of temporary permit.
      1. Temporary permits are only valid in the space designated on the permit, for the date and time issued, and shall not be altered by anyone.
      2. Temporary permits may be issued to departments and organizations upon payment of the appropriate fee. Cancellation or changes must be made prior to the expiration of the permit(s) to avoid paying a fee for unused
    6. Vendor/Contractor Permit: Vendor permits may be issued for vehicles conducting business on campus. A fee will be charged for such permits.
      1. Vendor permits are only valid in the space designated on the permit, for the date and time issued, and shall not be altered by anyone.
    7. Non-University Personnel: Personnel working for, belonging to, or otherwise affiliated with organizations or agencies located on the campus may purchase an annual parking permit. If a customer is not otherwise eligible for a University permit, the Chief of Police, using existing guidelines, is responsible for making a determination of the type of permit.
  12. Honoring of Outside Entity Permits: Parking permits issued by outside entities will not be honored by the University. This includes area hospitals and universities. The only exception to this rule is that the UNT Health Science Center will honor the UNT Denton and UNT Dallas parking permit. UNT Denton and UNT Dallas parking permit holders may park in any surface lot equivalent to their currently held permit (e.g., Faculty may park in a Faculty lot, Students may park in a Student lot).
  13. Permit Fee Table
Premium Garage $595
Premium Surface $524
Employee Garage $467
Employee Surface $354
Student Garage (Full Year) $212
Student Surface (Full Year) $156
Contractor and Vendor $800 (full year) $100 per month effective January 1, 2024
Day Passes $7.00 per day effective 9/1/2023

General Surface Lots 7, 8, 11 and 19

Garage 5 and 9

$9.00 per day effective 9/1/2023 Lot 6

(based on available space)