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Parking Permits

Why do I need to obtain a UNTHSC parking permit?

Major uses of parking funds include: parking lot maintenance and construction; police and security-related operations; and operation and enforcement of parking lots in accordance with our parking rules and regulations.

Parking on any UNT Health Science Center campus lot required a valid permit. There are four different permits: Student, Employee, Faculty, and Reserved. Additionally, the Parking Office honors the UNT Denton parking permit. The Parking Office does not recognize permits from Tarrant County College, TCU, or other college or university parking permits or hospital affiliations.

I have another car that I may occasionally need to use. What are my options if I already have a permit?

Some people choose to remove their issued permit and place it on another vehicle. You can buy an additional permit for alternate vehicles registered in the same household for a one-time fee of $5, but both vehicles may not be on campus at the same time – i.e., if your spouse is also employed here, you cannot purchase a regular permit for your vehicle and an additional permit for their vehicle.

Can I lend or sell my permit to anyone?

Ownership of a permit cannot be transferred. You will be responsible for all citations issued against that permit.

I lost my permit. What do I do?

If you lose your permit or it is stolen, come to the Parking Office to purchase a replacement for $5. When a permit is replaced, the original permit is marked as “missing.” Any vehicle found displaying a permit marked as missing will be immobilized.

What are funds for parking permits used for?

Revenue received from permits and citations is used for maintenance of parking lots, signs, striping, and resurfacing.

Why can’t I buy a permit from another student or staff member who is leaving and does not need it anymore?

If you purchase a permit from someone other than the Parking Office, that permit is not valid. Furthermore, it may be marked as missing or stolen, which could result in your vehicle being immobilized.

Why are there temporary permits?

Temporary Permits are issued to those who are here on a limited basis: temporary employees, visiting professors, and employees/students who have an alternate vehicle for various reasons. There is a fee for a monthly permit.

If I have payroll deduction but my permit is not displayed, why is it my responsibility to pay for a citation that indicates “No Parking Permit?”

Your payroll deduction ensures payment for the permit. It is your responsibility if the permit is not properly displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the windshield on the passenger side as directed.

Someone at the UNT Health Science Center said that I did not need a permit to park on campus, why did I receive a citation?

Only the Parking Office can authorize parking on campus without a permit. Please always contact the Parking Office for clarification.

I have payroll deduction, but I received a citation for an expired permit. Why wasn’t I given a new permit?

All parking permit decals expire on August 31st. It is the employee’s responsibility to obtain a permit online or from the Parking Office each year. If you no longer choose to park on campus, your signature is needed to discontinue payroll deduction. This form can only be completed in the Parking Office.

There are times when the garage gates are open. I pay for my parking permit; why are people allowed to park in the garage without a permit?

On occasion, our campus hosts meetings or special events and the garage is needed to accommodate our guests. Gates are temporarily opened to allow them access. Visitors park in Lot 6 or Lot 7 and the garage only as necessary.

Some people with expired permits park in the garage. How do they continue to have access to the garage?

When a student or employee purchases a parking permit, they are granted badge access to the garage. Badges are deactivated manually when parking permits expire, and this process occasionally takes time.

What are Visitor spaces?

Visitor spaces are reserved for visitors to the campus. If you are a student or staff member, you may not park in a visitor parking space. Two-hour visitor parking is available in Lots 6, 7, and 19. Visitor parking is marked on the bumper of the space. If a visitor will be on campus longer than two hours, they will need to obtain a parking pass from the Parking Office during regular business hours.

If a group of visitors will be coming to the campus, please notify the Parking Office two weeks prior to your event for parking directions.


I received a citation on campus. What do I do?

Bring your citation to the Parking Office located inside the UNT Health Science Center Police Department to pay the fine or file an appeal within 10 days of issuance of the citation.

I received a citation that says to contact the Tarrant County Justice of the Peace. Why can a UNT Health Science Center officer issue this citation?

UNT Health Science Center police officers issue JP citations for civil or misdemeanor driving and parking offenses that violate state law.

What happens if I do not pay a UNT Health Science Center citation?

You will not be allowed to obtain a parking permit until all outstanding obligations are paid. Additionally, with three or more outstanding violations, your vehicle may be immobilized or towed with additional fees incurred.