Section VII: Enforcement

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  1. Parking and Traffic Citations: University Public Service Officers (PSOs) are authorized to write University citations. UNTHSCPD officers are authorized to issue University citations and Justice of the Peace (JP) court appearance citations for violation of State of Texas parking and traffic regulations:
    1. University Citations: Those handled by the University, subject to University administrative enforcement charges and a right to appeal within University procedures as outlined in these regulations.
    2. Justice of the Peace (JP) Citations: Those issued by UNTHSCPD Officers constituting a summons to appear in either municipal court or a justice court.
  2. Policy with Respect to JP Citations: The Police Department may issue a JP citation for any violation such as:
    1. Moving violations; and
    2. Any violation when the individual’s driving or parking privileges have been suspended.
  3. Failure to Discharge JP Citations: Failure to discharge UNTHSCPD issued JP citations may result in the issuance of a warrant for the arrest of such person.
  4. Procedures for University Citations: University citations are issued for offenses listed in Section VIII: Driving and Parking Offenses. Every person receiving a University citation must remit the amount of the charge to the Parking Office. If a person desires to appeal a university citation, they may do so within 10 business days after issuance of the citation.
  5. Payment of Citation Fees: Citation fee payments may be accepted:
    1. Online at UNT Transportation Services (for users with a University-issued EUID)
    2. Via U.S. Mail (checks only) to:
      UNT Health Science Center Police Department
      3500 Camp Bowie Blvd.
      Fort Worth, TX 76107
    3. Via campus mail (checks only)
    4. At the Parking Office located at 3600 Mattison Ave. during business
      hours (Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)
  6. Warnings for Visitors: Visitors to the University are give  a warning on the first ticket issued.
    1. Exceptions are:
      1. No Parking Zones
      2. Fire Lanes
      3. Handicap Space Violations
    2. To resolve a citation, a visitor must bring the citation along with a valid ID to the Parking Office within 10 days of issuance.
  7. Warnings for Students and Employees: May be issued at the Parking Manager’s discretion if the following conditions are met:
    1. The individual has purchased a current permit and is parked where that permit is honored; or
    2. The individual purchases a current, annual permit for which they are eligible on the day the citation is brought to the Parking Office within 10 days of issuance.
  8. Appeals from University Citations: Any person cited for violation of any portion of this regulation may appeal the citation to the University’s designated appeals board within 10 business days of the citation’s issuance. Failure to meet the 10 business day appeal period requirement will result in a forfeiture of all appeal privileges. Requests for exceptions to the appeal deadline will be considered on an individual basis if mitigating or unusual circumstances exist. Such requests shall be submitted in writing to the Parking Office and shall detail the reason(s) such a request is being made. Requests based solely on alleged non-receipt of a copy of the citation may not be honored.
    1. Submitting an appeal to the appeals board does not substitute for payment of the towing, booting, and/or storage fees for removal of the impounded or immobilized vehicle or bicycle.
    2. Information Required: Regardless of the appeals method chosen, the following information must be included with the appeal. Incomplete appeals will be returned to the sender unprocessed.
      1. Name
      2. UNTHSC EUID (if applicable)
      3. University Status (i.e., student, staff, faculty, visitor)
      4. Permanent Address
      5. E-mail Address
      6. Daytime Phone Number
      7. Citation Number
      8. Vehicle License Plate Number and State
      9. Permit Number (if applicable)
      10. Reason for Appeal
    3. Methods of Appeal:
      1. E-mail / Online Appeals: Email appeals may be sent 24 hours per day
      2. Written Appeals: Written appeals may be filed:
        1. In person: At the Parking Office located at 3600 Mattison Ave. during
          business hours (Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)
        2. Via campus mail
        3. Via U.S. Mail:
          UNT Health Science Center Police Department
          3500 Camp Bowie Blvd.
          Fort Worth, TX 76107
  9. Appeals Board: This panel has been established to review appeals that have been submitted to the Parking Office. The appellant may make a written appeal to the appeals panel within 10 business days of the date of citation issuance. The panel consists of representatives from the faculty, staff, and student body. Final disposition by the panel shall be understood to mean a ruling in which the panel affirms, modifies, or reverses a citation. The decision of the appeals panel is final.
    1. The appeals board shall set forth the grounds on which the appealing party believes the decision was improper or inequitable. Written requests shall include all information required in the initial appeal plus any additional information the appellant wishes to include.
    2. When the Parking Office is advised in writing of the decision rendered by the board, the board’s decision will be applied to the citation.
  10. Failure to Pay Citation Fees: Failure to pay citations within
    10 days of the date of the citation may result in:

    1. Students may be barred from registration, re-admission, and have grades, degree, refunds, or official transcripts withheld pending payment of overdue charges.
    2. Upon notice, violators may be subject to the impoundment of their vehicle(s) pending payment of overdue charges.
    3. When unpaid charges are recorded, the Parking Office may notify the owner/operator of said vehicle. Such notification shall state that unless payment of all accumulated charges is received by the date specified, the recorded vehicle may be impounded or booted.
    4. Repeated Offenses: If any vehicle is cited for three (3) or more violations of these regulations that are not paid or discharged through the appeals process in a timely manner, the Chief of Police may place a violator’s name or license plate number on a list of repeat offenders.
      1. Once an individual or license plate number is placed on the list of repeat offenders the vehicle is subject to immobilization (booting) or removal by towing. After a vehicle has been on the repeat offender list for ten days, the Chief of Police may cancel any parking permit issued to such vehicle without refund of any portion of the fee and campus driving privileges may be withdrawn. The names of students on the repeat offender list may be forwarded to Student Affairs and the names of employees on the repeat offender list may be forwarded to the appropriate department head.
  11. Vehicle Immobilization or Impoundment: Any vehicle parked in violation of this regulation or a regulation issued hereunder may be immobilized (booted) or impounded (towed/relocated to a storage area). Violators who accumulate three (3) outstanding citations may have their vehicle booted or towed. Vehicles may also be booted for specific violations. The University is not responsible for any damage to the vehicle during booting, towing, relocation, or storage.
    1. Immobilization (Booting)
      1. Notice of the application of a wheel boot shall be posted prominently on the vehicle on the driver’s side of the front window, on the rear windshield, or on the driver’s side window, depending on the type of vehicle.
      2. The Chief of Police may refuse to authorize release of the vehicle to the owner or custodian until the boot fee and all outstanding citations have been paid. Payment may only be made via cash or credit card.
      3. Upon payment, only Parking Office staff may remove wheel boots. Vehicles booted for longer than 36 hours may be towed to a storage area. The owner/custodian of the vehicle shall be responsible for any booting, towing, or storage fees.
      4. If the operator of the vehicle to be booted arrives before the boot is attached, the operator will be advised to proceed to the Parking Office to settle all outstanding fines and fees. Should the operator decide not to settle the delinquent fines and fees and choose to leave the space before the boot is attached, such operator will be issued an additional University citation and boot fee. The boot will be considered attached when the device has been affixed to the wheel of the vehicle and the boot applicator is standing.
      5. Unauthorized boot removal or tampering/attempted removal of the boot will result in an additional citation plus the cost of damages (if applicable).
      6. NOTE: University PSOs cannot accept cash, check, or credit card payments to remove boots in the field.
    2. Impound / Relocation / Towing:
      1. In addition to any charge that may be levied by the University for an offense resulting in relocation or towing, the owner of a relocated or towed vehicle will also pay commercial wrecker service fees, storage charges, and/or relocation fees.
      2. If the owner or driver of the vehicle appears on the scene before the tow truck, the vehicle will not be impounded.
      3. If the owner or driver appears on the scene after the arrival of the tow truck and before the tow hook is attached to the vehicle, the operator will be advised to proceed to the Parking Office to settle all outstanding fines and fees. Should the operator decide not to settle the delinquent fines and fees and choose to leave the space before the tow hook is attached, such operator will be issued an additional University citation. The tow hook will be considered attached when the vehicle has been hooked completely to the tow truck.
      4. If the vehicle owner or driver appears on the scene after the tow truck driver has made a hookup but before the vehicle is impounded, the vehicle will not be impounded. The vehicle owner or driver is required to pay the tow truck driver the hookup fee in lieu of towing. When a vehicle is towed, the Parking Office and UNTHSCPD shall be notified. This notification shall include the name and the phone number of the towing contractor. The Chief of Police may refuse to authorize release of the vehicle to the owner or custodian until the cost of boot removal, storage fees, and all other outstanding fines/fees have been paid.
      5. A daily storage fee based on a 24-hour clock shall be charged to the owner or custodian of a vehicle left at the towing compound. Storage fees vary for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. The person claiming an impounded vehicle shall be required to provide proof of ownership as required by the towing vendor. All towing, booting, and storage fees are subject to change.
      6. Bicycles unclaimed 90 calendar days after the original date of impoundment shall be considered abandoned by the owner and shall be deemed university property for disposal purposes.
    3. Suspension of Privilege to Drive and Park on Campus: The loss of the privilege of driving or parking a motor vehicle on campus shall commence immediately following notification of suspension. Such notification shall state the term of the suspension and consequences for violation of the stated terms. The violations of the suspension may be reported to Student Affairs if the person is a student or to the appropriate dean, director, or administrative official for possible disciplinary action if the person is a faculty or staff member.
      1. If a person whose privilege of driving or parking on campus has been suspended receives a University citation by reason of having a vehicle on campus during the period of their suspension, the period of suspension may be extended.
      2. Suspensions may be appealed within 10 business days on the grounds that the imposition of such suspension is improper or will create serious and substantial hardship. No appeal shall be considered if there are any unpaid citations outstanding at the time such appeal is filed, unless special arrangements are made with the Parking Office.
      3. A person receiving notice that their privilege of driving or parking on the campus has been suspended shall return without refund the remnants of the permit issued (or the entire hanging permit) to the Parking Office within 10 days after date of such notice. Failure to do so shall be reported to Student Affairs if the person is a student or to the appropriate dean, director, or administrative official if the person is a faculty or staff member.
      4. Failure to abide by these regulations may be the basis for disciplinary action for students and employees.
    4. Fine Collection: Any fine not paid when due may be forwarded to an outside collection agency or an attorney for collection. The offender will be responsible for paying all costs of collection, including any agency fees and/or reasonable attorney’s fees, which will be added to the total amount due.