Parking Citation Appeals

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Through the Parking Office, you have an opportunity to appeal parking citations issued on campus. The appeals process not only provides you with an objective review of your appeal, it also provides the Parking Office with an opportunity to evaluate its rules and regulations.

To Appeal a Citation

  • Submit an appeal online or in person within 10 days of the citation issuance.
  • The appeals board will review the available information and return a decision.
  • The appeals board will make one of these decisions: Reduced, Warning, Voided, or Denied.
  • The appeals board’s decision is FINAL and cannot be appealed further.

Invalid Reasons for Appealing Citations

Some of the most commonly used defenses in citation appeals, most of which are regularly denied by the board:

  • I know I was parked illegally, but I was only gone for a few minutes.
  • I see a lot of other cars parked like me that never get a ticket.
  • I didn’t know I couldn’t park there.
  • I had to use the restroom.

How to Submit an Appeal

If you believe your parking citation was issued in error, you can submit an appeal using the following guidelines either in person at the Parking Office, or via the online system.

  • Time Limit – You must submit your appeal within 10 days of the citation being issued. After 10 days, the system will restrict appeals from being started.
  • Required Information – Whether you submit your appeal in person or online, you must include all of the requested information and provide an explanation of why you believe the citation was issued in error.

What Happens After an Appeal is Submitted

All parking citation appeals are reviewed by the appeal board. The appeal board members consist of two University employees (not associated with the Police Department) and one student representative. When the board receives your appeal, the board will:

  1. Read the appeal and review the information on the citation.
  2. Review the parking rules and regulations that are relevant to the appeal.
  3. Review other information such as maps or digital photographs.
  4. Make a decision.

The decision of the appeal board is based on the type of violation, previous citations, area signage, existing parking permit, and your reason for appeal.

What the Appeal Board can Decide

The appeal board can make one of the following decisions after reviewing the appeal:

  • Warning – The appeal was granted. The citation is reduced to a warning and the fine is waived.
  • Dismissed – The citation issued was not valid.
  • Denied – The citation is upheld. Payment of the fine is required.

Where to Submit an Appeal

In Person:

UNT Health Science Center Police Department
3600 Mattison Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76107-2699


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