Section VIII: Driving and Parking Offenses

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Altered Permit
The unauthorized sale, distribution, possession, counterfeiting, or alteration of a university parking permit and/or the possession of an illegally purchased, distributed, counterfeited, or altered permit
Blocking Access
Parked in such a manner as to obstruct clear access to disabled ramps or other special access.
Disregard Control Device
Failure to observe and heed authorized signs or devices such as barricades or signs controlling access to areas of campus.
Handicap Space
Unauthorized parking in a space designated for persons with disabilities
Improper Parking
Vehicle not completely in one (1) parking space as defined by 2 parallel lines, by wheel stops, or parking meters.
Invalid Parking Area
Parked in any area NOT designated for parking by regulations, signs, or markings such as grass, vacant spaces, sidewalks and construction areas.
No Parking Zone
Parked in an area designated as “No Parking” by signs or markings such as yellow curbs, ends of marked parking isles, and fire lanes.
No Valid UNT Permit Displayed
Parking in area controlled by signs or markings without a valid permit displayed.
Obstructing Traffic
Motor vehicle or bicycle parked and/or secured in such a manner as to OBSTRUCT traffic, either vehicular or pedestrian.
Overtime Parking
Parking overtime in a space which is limited in time or expired parking meter.
Permit Not Properly Displayed
Parking permit or permit number not clearly visible, properly affixed, or attached in the wrong place on the vehicle.
Theft or Removal of Boot
Theft of property or damaging property by either unauthorized boot removal or tampering/attempted removal of the boot
Unauthorized Vehicle
Parked in an area where vehicle is not authorized such as a four-wheeled vehicle in an area designated for motorcycles.
Wrong Permit For Area
Parking in area controlled by signs or markings with the wrong permit for the designated area.

*Offense fines are in addition to any associated costs, and vehicle may be subject to citation and immobilization/impoundment.

†Offense may be subject to citation and vehicle immobilization/impoundment.