HSC Financial Aid for International Students

Although International students do not qualify for Federal Financial Aid, there are still other resources and opportunities available.  International students who are also Texas residents may be eligible for state aid by completing the Texas Application for Student Financial Aid (TASFA).  Scholarships and alternative/private loans are also available, more information on this can be found below.


A scholarship is a financial aid award to help further the funding of a students education.  Scholarship funds usually reflect the values and purpose of the donor of the award and do not have to be repaid. .  Students who maintain good Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in their program of study are eligible to apply for internal scholarships through the General Scholarship Application.  The General Scholarship Application is typically open for a two to three month period, usually beginning in late fall. External Scholarships have rolling deadlines and are available throughout the year. You can check the Scholarship Page for the most up to date information.

Alternative / Private loans

Alternative Student Loans, also called private educational loans, are credit-based student loans offered by alternative loan lenders. Students apply directly with the lender of their choice. UNTHSC cannot recommend lenders and does not maintain a lender list. Private loans are certified by the Financial Aid Office and must stay within the student’s Cost of Attendance. Certificate students may have a reduced budget based on the number of hours the student is enrolled.  Interest rates and repayment terms are set by the lender and are typically less favorable than government-backed student loans. We recommend that students research all loan terms before applying.

International Service Office

The international Services Office is very helpful and ready to assist students with any issue. For more information you can visit their site Here.