Best Practices Resources

All members of the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) are responsible for upholding the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct as defined in our University policies, procedures and guidelines and sponsoring agency policies and regulations.

In recent years, the federal government and its auditors have become much more active in their review of campus-wide internal controls, therefore, it is incumbent upon institutions that receive federal funding to maintain strong internal controls that provide accurate and auditable systems and records.

The goal of these documents is to provide an overview of the best practices for roles and responsibilities of key individuals that conduct or support research activities at UNTHSC.

Sponsored Project Compliance Training

This is a link to our LearnHSC training site.  If you are required to take this training, it will show up in your list of assigned training.

Sponsored Project Handbook

This handbook provides a cradle to grave perspective of best practices for sponsored project administration at an institution of higher education.

Roles and Responsibilities

Sponsored Project Administration and Compliance is a shared responsibility between the PI, department and dean administrative staff and central administrative staff in the Offices of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. The following documents reflect the best practices for each role:

Effort Reporting

As a recipient of significant external funding, UNTHSC must assure Federal and other sponsors that the salaries paid on sponsored projects accurately reflects the actual amount of time spent working on the project. Effort Reporting is the most frequent source of federal audit findings often resulting in substantial fines and penalties. Select the options below for best practices for reviewing and certifying payroll allocations:

Subrecipient Monitoring Roles and Responsibilities

The purpose of this document is to outline the best practices for monitoring subrecipient activities associated with sponsored projects. Effective and compliant subrecipient monitoring is a collaborative effort among faculty, department/center/institute administration and the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Receive an Award

If you have received an award, and are looking for some guidance on how to move forward, please select the above link.