Proposal Services

Assisting with Proposal Development

FRST assistance in compiling proposals for external funding is intended to benefit the investigator and institution alike. It ensures complete, competitive applications in full compliance with University policies and procedures, government regulations and requirements, and sponsor-specific guidelines and conditions.  

Each proposal assistance is supported by a full range of policy and procedural expertise. That includes a broad knowledge of public and sponsor-specific systems and an understanding and interpretation of program-specific requirements. In addition, FRST will actively collect and communicate additional information as needed and will strive to add as much quality and value as possible to each application.  

In order to clarify and resolve all concerns, proposal assistance typically involves interaction with the Project Director and/or Department and includes contact with the Office of Sponsored Programs and/or the sponsor as required.

Click on the Proposal Development PI Assistance Request form to request assistance with proposal assistance, budgets, and sub-award coordination.

Post-Submission, Pre-Award Requests

FRST works with faculty to submit any allowable post-submission materials to the sponsor such as notices of any accepted publications or manuscripts that would be applicable to the research proposed.  It also works with faculty to obtain any Just-In-Time materials that may be requested by sponsor.  

This page was last modified on November 23, 2020