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Services and Staff

Executive Director

Andrea Anderson 171x226 resized and cropped Andrea Anderson, JD, CRA
Executive Director
(817) 735-0399
Heads Up Margaret Medina
Sr. Administrative Coordinator
(817) 735-5073

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Pre-Award and Contracts Administration

Angie Trevino 2 Angie Trevino, MS
Associate Director
(817) 735-2569

Pre-Award Services:

  • Serve as the liaison to sponsors
  • Review and interpret grant application instructions
  • Provide technical assistance with pre-proposal or proposal preparation issues
  • Complete university assurances/certifications
  • Proposal review and approval
  • Proposal budget review and approval
  • Final proposal submission
  • Provide training workshops upon request
Niki Clarke 2 Niki Clarke
Sr. Pre-Award Analyst
(817) 735-5128
Placeholder Portrait Kathy Miller-McLaughlin
Sr. Pre-Award Analyst

  • School of Public Health
  • System College of Pharmacy
  • Center for Human ID
  • Institute for Translational Research
  • Center for Diversity & International Programs
Francie Herriage Wilson Francie Herriage-Wilson
Pre-Award Analyst
(817) 735-0468
• Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
• Graduate School of Biomedical     Sciences
• School of Health Professions

Sponsored Project Contract Services:

  • Review and negotiate award terms and conditions
  • Establish, amend and execute outgoing subawards
  • Review and execute non-financial agreements (Data Use Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding Material Transfer Agreements, Confidential/Non-Disclosure Agreements)
  • Draft, review, and negotiate contract terms and conditions (Industry Sponsored Research and Testing Agreements, Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trial Agreements, Collaboration and Teaming Agreements, Professional Services Agreements, Grant Contracts, and Other research related agreements)
  • Secure appropriate authorized official signature

Sponsored Research and Testing Agreements:

  • In order to request a Sponsored Research or Testing Agreement, please submit a completed Electronic Proposal Transmittal form, a Scope of Work including a non-confidential project title, and a detailed budget with payment schedule to OSP Contracts or directly to the contact listed below for your School.
  • In order to request a Material Transfer Agreement, please submit a completed MTA Expediting form to OSP Contracts or directly to the contact listed below for your school.
  • In order to request any other agreement type, please send your request to OSP Contracts or directly to the contact listed below for your school.
Stephanie B. Jones 2 Stephanie Jones
Sr. Contracts Administrator
(817) 735-5069
•  College of Pharmacy
•  School of Health Professions
•  School of Public Health
•  Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
Placeholder Portrait Myriah Roberts, JD
Contract Manager
(817) 735-5074

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Post-Award Administration

Su Cole 1 Su Cole, CRA
Associate Director
(817) 735-2358

Post-Award Services:

  • Set up awards, generate account numbers for processing expenditures, and load funds, hold project initiation meetings (PIMs)
  • Send out campus-wide acknowledgments of new awards
  • Official liaison to sponsors
  • Review and approve expenditures, cost transfers, budget revisions
  • Facilitate prior approval requests (e.g. no-cost extensions, change in PI)
  • Review and submit progress reports
  • Record effort commitments and approve changes to payroll allocations
  • Send reminder notices for grant termination dates and reporting requirements
  • Manage effort reporting cycles for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters
  • Facilitate the distribution and certification of effort reports
  • Develop mitigation plans for medium and high-risk subrecipients, as necessary
  • Review and approve subrecipient invoices for payment
  • Complete reports on Federal Subcontracting Plans, Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB), and Single Audit Reporting
  • Coordinate and facilitate internal and external audits of sponsored projects
Karissa Obrien 1 Karissa O’Brien, MBA
Sr. Post-Award Analyst
(817) 735-0429
•  GSBS – Microbiology, Immunology & Genetics
•  Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
•  Center for Diversity and International Programs
• School of Public Health
• School of Health Professions
• Non-Academic Departments
Darian Sargent 1 Darian Sargent, MBA
Sr. Post-Award Analyst
(817) 735-0457
•  GSBS – Pharmacology & Neuroscience
•  Center for Human Identification
•  Institute for Translational Research
• System College of Pharmacy
Abigail Daiker Abigail Daiker
Post-Award Analyst
(817) 735-0470
• GSBS – Physiology & Anatomy
• North Texas Eye Research Institute
Placeholder Portrait TBD
Sr. Post-Award Analyst

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Sponsored Programs Accounting

Su Cole 1 Su Cole, CRA
Associate Director
(817) 735-2358

Sponsored Programs Accounting Services:

  • Review of after the fact expenditures for allowability, allocability and consistent treatment of costs on sponsored projects
  • Prepare and submit monthly/final invoices for Federal, Private, State, and Local sponsors in accordance with terms and conditions of the sponsored project for reimbursement of expense
  • Prepare and submit annual, quarterly, semi-annual and final financial reports Federal, Private, State and Local sponsors in accordance with terms and conditions of the sponsored project
  • Managing the drawdown of federal funds for reimbursement of expense
  • Maintain and monitor receipt of payment for sponsored projects
  • Process journal entries for cost transfers requiring corrections of expenses
  • Reconciliation of sponsored projects during the award period and upon the termination of a project in preparation for closeout
  • Responsible for full closeout process of financial data of a sponsored project
Jarrett Cocharo 2 Jarrett Cocharo, CPA
Sr. Financial Analyst
(817) 735-5878
•  Department of State
•  Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
•  National Institutes of Health (NIH-DHHS)
•  National Institutes of Justice (NIJ)
•  National Science Foundation (NSF)
•  Cancer Prevention Institute of Texas (CPRIT)
•  Department of Defense (DOD)
•  Department of State Health Services (DSHS)
•  Grants/Contracts-Scheduled payment type for Private, State, Local & Federal
•  National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
•  Veterans Administration (VA)
Victoria Gregg 2 Victoria Gregg, CRA
Sr. Financial Analyst
(817) 735-5134
•  Closeout
•  Special Assignments
Thanh Truc Truong 2 Thanh Truc Truong
(817) 735-2281
•  All Flow Through Awards (UNTHSC is the subrecipient)
•  Grants/Contracts-Cost Reimbursable for Private Sponsors
•  Grants/Contracts-Fixed agreements, milestone-based for Private, State, Local & Federal
•  Preclinical Testing Agreements
•  American Heart Association (AHA)
•  Office of the Governor (eGRANTS)
Placeholder Portrait TBD

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Sponsored Programs Information Systems

Img 2099 Tonia Jackson, PMP
Associate Director
(817) 735-0627

Sponsored Programs Information Systems Services:

  • Calculate and allocate F&A Distributions
  • Generate Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly reports for State and Federal reporting
  • Generate Monthly Research Dashboard
  • Support Grants related Information Systems
Brad Anderson 1 Brad Anderson
Sponsored Programs IT Manager
(817) 735-0449

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