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Services and Staff

Executive Director

Andrea Anderson 171x226 resized and cropped Andrea Anderson, JD, CRA
Executive Director
(817) 735-0399
Heads Up Margaret Medina
Sr. Administrative Coordinator
(817) 735-5073

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Pre-Award and Contracts Administration

Angie Trevino 2 Angie Trevino, MS
Associate Director
(817) 735-2569

Pre-Award Services:

  • Serve as the liaison to sponsors
  • Review and interpret grant application instructions
  • Provide technical assistance with pre-proposal or proposal preparation issues
  • Complete university assurances/certifications
  • Proposal review and approval
  • Proposal budget review and approval
  • Final proposal submission
  • Provide training workshops upon request
Niki Clarke 2 Niki Clarke
Sr. Pre-Award Analyst
(817) 735-5128
Placeholder Portrait Kathy Miller-McLaughlin
Sr. Pre-Award Analyst

  • School of Public Health
  • System College of Pharmacy
  • Center for Human ID
  • Institute for Translational Research
  • Center for Diversity & International Programs
Francie Herriage Wilson Francie Herriage-Wilson
Pre-Award Analyst
(817) 735-0468
• Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
• Graduate School of Biomedical     Sciences
• School of Health Professions

Sponsored Project Contract Services:

  • Review and negotiate award terms and conditions
  • Establish, amend and execute outgoing subawards
  • Review and execute non-financial agreements (Data Use Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding Material Transfer Agreements, Confidential/Non-Disclosure Agreements)
  • Draft, review, and negotiate contract terms and conditions (Industry Sponsored Research and Testing Agreements, Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trial Agreements, Collaboration and Teaming Agreements, Professional Services Agreements, Grant Contracts, and Other research related agreements)
  • Secure appropriate authorized official signature

Sponsored Research and Testing Agreements:

  • In order to request a Sponsored Research or Testing Agreement, please submit a completed Electronic Proposal Transmittal form, a Scope of Work including a non-confidential project title, and a detailed budget with payment schedule to OSP Contracts or directly to the contact listed below for your School.
  • In order to request a Material Transfer Agreement, please submit a completed MTA Expediting form to OSP Contracts or directly to the contact listed below for your school.
  • In order to request any other agreement type, please send your request to OSP Contracts or directly to the contact listed below for your school.
Myriah Roberts Headshot Myriah Roberts, JD
Contract Manager
(817) 735-5074
Stephanie B. Jones 2 Stephanie Jones
Sr. Contracts Administrator
(817) 735-5069
•  College of Pharmacy
•  School of Health Professions
•  School of Public Health
•  Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

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Award Management – Post-Award and Sponsored Programs Accounting

Su Cole 1 Su Cole, CRA
Director, Award Management
(817) 735-2358

Post-Award Services:

  • Set up awards, generate account numbers for processing expenditures, and load funds, hold project initiation meetings (PIMs)
  • Send out campus-wide acknowledgments of new awards
  • Official liaison to sponsors
  • Review and approve expenditures, cost transfers, budget revisions
  • Facilitate prior approval requests (e.g. no-cost extensions, change in PI)
  • Review and submit progress reports
  • Record effort commitments and approve changes to payroll allocations
  • Send reminder notices for grant termination dates and reporting requirements
  • Manage effort reporting cycles for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters
  • Facilitate the distribution and certification of effort reports
  • Develop mitigation plans for medium and high-risk subrecipients, as necessary
  • Review and approve subrecipient invoices for payment
  • Complete reports on Federal Subcontracting Plans, Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB), and Single Audit Reporting
  • Coordinate and facilitate internal and external audits of sponsored projects
Victoria Gregg 2 Victoria Gregg, CRA
Post-Award Manager
(817) 735-5134
•  System College of Pharmacy
Karissa Obrien 1 Karissa O’Brien, MBA
Sr. Post-Award Analyst
(817) 735-0429
•  Center for Diversity and International Programs
•  Institute for Translational Research
•  GSBS – Microbiology, Immunology & Genetics
• Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
Byron Iszard Byron Iszard
Sr. Post-Award Analyst
(817) 735-5138
•  Center for Human Identification
•  Non-Academic Departments
•  School of Health Professions
•  School of Public Health
Abigail Daiker Abigail Daiker
Post-Award Analyst
(817) 735-0470
• GSBS – Pharmacology & Neuroscience
• GSBS – Physiology & Anatomy
• North Texas Eye Research Institute
Placeholder Portrait TBD (Vacant)
Sr. Post-Award Analyst

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Sponsored Programs Accounting Services:

  • Review of after the fact expenditures for allowability, allocability and consistent treatment of costs on sponsored projects
  • Prepare and submit monthly/final invoices for Federal, Private, State, and Local sponsors in accordance with terms and conditions of the sponsored project for reimbursement of expense
  • Prepare and submit annual, quarterly, semi-annual and final financial reports Federal, Private, State and Local sponsors in accordance with terms and conditions of the sponsored project
  • Managing the drawdown of federal funds for reimbursement of expense
  • Maintain and monitor receipt of payment for sponsored projects
  • Process journal entries for cost transfers requiring corrections of expenses
  • Reconciliation of sponsored projects during the award period and upon the termination of a project in preparation for closeout
  • Responsible for full closeout process of financial data of a sponsored project
Jarrett Cocharo 2 Jarrett Cocharo, CPA
Grant Accounting Manager
(817) 735-5878
• Department of Defense (DOD)
• Department of State
• Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
• Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP)
• National Institutes of Health (NIH-DHHS)
• National Institutes of Justice (NIJ)
• National Science Foundation (NSF)
• Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB)
Thanh Truc Truong 2 Thanh Truc Truong
Sr. Grant Financial Analyst
(817) 735-2281
• All Flow-Through Awards (UNTHSC is the subrecipient)
• Grants/Contracts-Cost Reimbursable for Private Sponsors
• Grants/Contracts-Fixed and Scheduled Agreements, milestone based for Private, State, Local & Federal
• Office of the Governor
• Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Janice Janice Cheslock
Grant Accountant
(817) 735-5116
• American Heart Association (AHA)
• Cancer Prevention Institute of Texas (CPRIT)
• Department of State Health Services (DSHS)
• National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
• Pre-Clinical Testing Agreements
• Veterans Administration (VA)
Placeholder Portrait TBD (Vacant)
Grant Accountant

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Sponsored Programs Information Systems

Img 2099 Tonia Jackson, PMP
Associate Director
(817) 735-0627

Sponsored Programs Information Systems Services:

  • Calculate and allocate F&A Distributions
  • Generate Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly reports for State and Federal reporting
  • Generate Monthly Research Dashboard
  • Support Grants related Information Systems
Brad Anderson 1 Brad Anderson
Sponsored Programs IT Manager
(817) 735-0449
Placeholder Portrait Gregory Harris
Business Intelligence Developer II
(817) 735-5087

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