Introducing GRAMS – Grants & Research Administration Management Suite

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What is it?

GRAMS is a comprehensive solution for research proposal submission and award management. As we work to launch additional modules, GRAMS will house everything needed for award management. The system will ensure successful proposal creation and budget development, electronic submission to, and post-award management capabilities including award setup, modification entry, and budget reconciliation to enter and track sponsor approved budgets.

Why is it important?

Migrating from Cayuse to GRAMS will provide ease of use for principle investigators (PIs), reviewers, and administrators in the Division of Research and Innovation to complete actions within the system

GRAMS will migrate data from our current proposal software Cayuse and integrate the functions of Grants, Agreements, Conflict of Interest (COI), Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) into a single portal for principle investigators, reviewers, and our division, improving routing and business processes that will make grant and contract submissions more efficient. It also will provide an interface with PeopleSoft, which will more easily prepopulate HR information and simplify processes such as fringe benefit calculation. The new, fully electronic system will enable faculty and staff to route and approve proposals, submit most federal applications to, and manage awards, contracts, and agreements in one integrated dashboard. Additionally, the system will be able to create more robust reports and metrics, which will provide better insight into submission details for grants.

When will it be implemented?

GRAMS was acquired in Fall 2020 and will take approximately 18 months to fully implement, including the migration of data, training of faculty and staff as well as launching the system in staggered modules including Grants and Agreements, IACUC, Conflict of Interest (COI), and IRB.  HSC implemented ECC in January 2020.

The Grants and Agreements, as well as the IACUC modules are now live.


GRAMS IACUC, Grants, and Agreements modules are now Live!

IACUC Grants & Agreements
Information Manages the IACUC review process, and is used for all IACUC submissions. Workflow allows you to view the status of protocols at each stage in the process. Manages the Proposal submission process, and is used for all Proposal submissions. It is also used to manage Awards and Award Modifications.

Bridge Training


Bridge Training


Link Click here to go to the IACUC module Click here to go to the Grants & Agreements module
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GRAMS IRB and Research COI modules are coming soon!

IRB Research COI
Information Coming Soon Coming Soon
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This website will serve as a centralized resource for you to obtain project updates and view pertinent information related to the implementation and training of the various GRAMS modules.

If you have any question or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to OSP Grants IT.