Earthday 2014

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  • E1: Cowtown Cleanup (litter cleanup) | Mar. 30, 9-11am at MET South Entrance | Free t-shirt and supplies RSVP HERE
  • E2: Healthy People, Healthy Planet Lunch & Learn | Apr. 2, 12-1pm in IREB 230 | Free lunch & reusable cutlery set | Debbie Gillespie, MS, MDN, LD will speak about easy plant-based meal preparation and food storage.  Join us for a FREE build-a-bowl lunch (first come, first serve).
  • E3: Recycling/Waste Reduction Seminar | Apr. 4, 3pm in EAD 406 | Free reusable straw set  |  Learn about recycling properly and strategies to reduce your waste.
  • E4: Yoga Class/Sustainability in Active Wear Talk | Apr. 5, 12-1:15pm at IREB Medicinal Garden (rainout – EAD 524) | Free water bottle  | Hear from Dr. Shweta Reddy, TCU Associate Professor in Fashion Merchandising, then participate in a yoga class.  Dr. Reddy will introduce general concepts of sustainability issues related to active wear and recommendations on how to make your wardrobe more ec0-friendly and sustainable.  The yoga class is sponsored and brought to you by FitWorth, bringing a healthy way of living to Fort Worth.
  • E5: Gardening in North Texas Lunch & Learn | Apr. 11, 12-1pm at Alumni Plaza (rainout – CBH 220) | Free veggie burgers and sides (first come, first serve) |  Laura Miller with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Tarrant County will speak about how to garden here in our region.
  • E6: The Clean Bin Project Documentary (~ 50 min.) | Apr. 12, 12pm in LIB 110 | Free popcorn and reusable straw set | Is it possible to live waste free?  This short documentary follows one couple as they attempt to live waste free for a year.  Be challenged in this funny yet hopeful film.  FREE popcorn!
  • E7: Community Garden Work Day | Apr. 16, 11am-1pm (come and go) | Chance to win planter and free meal from Torched Apron  | UNTHSC’s Community Garden is celebrating 5 years!  Come help us get the garden ready for spring by laying mulch and working in the garden.
  • E8: Air North Texas Jeopardy | Apr. 16, 3pm or 3:45pm in MET 109-111 | Free silicone lunch container  |  Air North Texas is a regional campaign to help us work together towards cleaner air for our health and the environment.  Come to this fun game and win prizes!  Each session will last about 30 minutes.
  • E9: The Clean Bin Project Documentary (~ 50 min.) | Apr. 24, 5:15pm in LIB 110 | Free popcorn and reusable straw set | Is it possible to live waste free?  This short documentary follows one couple as they attempt to live waste free for a year.  Be challenged in this funny yet hopeful film.  FREE popcorn!
  • E10: Recycling/Waste Reduction Seminar | Apr. 25, 12pm in CBH 230 | Free reusable straw set | Learn about recycling properly and strategies to reduce your waste.



  • C1: SAAM Flowerbed Dedication | Apr. 10, 11:30am at SSC North Entrance | This event is sponsored by the Office of Wellness Services as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  Flowers will be planted and the bed dedicated to raise awareness about sexual assault and support those affected.
  • C2: Fun Club Little Free Library Book Drive | Apr. 17, 10-11am in LIB 2nd Floor | Donate a book(s) and come to the Little Free Library’s Grand Opening hosted by the Best Place For All Committee!
  • C3: Coffee Trike | Apr. 22, 10am-12pm at IREB Medicinal Garden (free coffee)  | Come be wowed while you get a cup of coffee from a guy on a bike who grinds coffee and talks about sustainability while pedaling!
  • 044C4: Electronic Waste Recycling | Apr. 23, 7:30-10:30am at MET loading dock |  Bring all your old electronics and more to this FREE e-waste recycling event.  Click here to see what all is accepted.  You can drive up the the MET loading dock, get assistance to help you unload, then be on your way.  Get a FREE reusable straw set for donating!  Please note, this service is only available during this time.  We will not accept items before or after this event.  If you miss it, know that you can recycle electronics at Best Buy or check with your city for events.
  • C5: Bike, walk, ride transit or carpool to campus  | Be green and healthy by using alternative transportation to campus.  Trinity Metro’s Route 2 comes by campus every 15 minutes and the new TexRail just opened!
  • C6: Donate to the Student Food Pantry  | This pantry is sponsored by Wellness Services and is a resource for students.  See the donation guidelines here.
  • C7: Donate to the Professional Attire Resource Closet  | This closet is sponsored by the Career Center and is a resource for students.  See the donation guidelines here.
  • C8: Document Shredding  |  Institutional Compliance will be providing FREE document shredding for our campus community in the LIB 2nd floor cafe area from April 15-25.



  • F1: No Plastic Straws Pledge | TAKE THE PLEDGE NOW
  • F2: BYO Bottle/Coffee Mug Pledge | TAKE THE PLEDGE NOW
  • F3: Reusable Cutlery Pledge | TAKE THE PLEDGE NOW
  • F4: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Challenge | TAKE THE PLEDGE NOW
  • F5: Meatless Monday Pledge | TAKE THE PLEDGE NOW
  • F6: Volunteer | We encourage you to volunteer and serve the community.  Mark this on your BINGO card if you volunteer during Earth Month BINGO.
  • F7: Choose any activity from any category | This is your “free space” where you get to choose any activity from any category!







  • R1: Recycle using TerraCycle  | TerraCycle specializes in recycling “nonrecyclables” such as razors and food pouches and most programs are free.  Search for something new you can recycle!
  • R2: Recycle plastic bags at the store | Grocery stores and others like Target and Walmart accept plastic bags (and other film or flimsy plastic) in bins at their stores.  Collect the plastic regularly and take it on your next trip.
  • R3: Recycle light bulbs |  Lowe’s recycles CFLs at drop-off centers in their stores.  Other bulbs, you can use TerraCycle.  We recycle all the bulbs here on campus through a vendor.
  • R4: Use reusable bags at stores | Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year (see article here).  Do your part to reduce your use of these single-use bags by using your own reusable bags.
  • R5: Use reusable straw or cutlery | Single use straws and cutlery like forks and spoons are not typically recyclable and are a litter problem (see article for more details).  Choose to use stainless steel, reusable items that last.  There are many travel varieties available such as the set we are giving out as prizes for multiple BINGOs.
  • R6: Use a reusable mug for coffee | Coffee cups are not typically recyclable due to plastic lining.  Reduce your environmental impact and save money by using your own reusable coffee mug on campus and at coffee shops.  Many places even give a discount! Learn more here.
  • R7: Compost food waste | Composting your food waste is a great way to reduce your environmental impact since it produces methane in landfills while benefiting soil.  Check out EPAs site to learn more about the benefits and how to start.
  • R8: Upcycle | Upcycling is creative way to make new uses for items that are considered waste.  Get inspiration and see examples here!


T-shirt/Prize Pick-Up Times:

Bring your BINGO card with the activity codes in the BINGO boxes of the activities you completed.

  • Tuesday, Apr. 23, 7:30-10:30am at MET Loading Dock
  • Friday, Apr. 26, 12-2pm in LIB 2nd Floor Lobby
  • Tuesday, Apr. 30, 11am-1pm in EAD Atrium
  • Thursday, May 2, 2-4pm in IREB Lobby


Prizes for Completing More Than One BINGO:

If you complete more than one BINGO, turn in your BINGO card at a T-shirt pick-up time (see above) and be entered in a drawing for prizes such as:

  • Free meal voucher to Four Star Cafe or Torched Apron (6 available)
  • Modern Art Museum tickets (2)
  • Travel stainless steel cutlery set including straws, chopsticks, and travel bag (2 available)
  • gift card ($25)
  • Sustainability Goodie Bags (3 available; it includes a bag, water bottle, cutlery set, and straw set)


Click Below for the Calendar of Events/Activities:

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