Labs & Freezers

Laboratories are an important part of what we do at HSC.  They also use a lot of resources and generate significant amounts of waste.  The Office of Sustainability has created a program, Lab Efficiency Action Program or LEAP, to help labs operation more sustainably through efficiency, conservation, safety and collaboration.  In addition to LEAP, we have resources available to any lab on campus.

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About the Lab Efficiency Action Program (LEAP)

LEAP was created to promote laboratory best practices, conserve resources, save both research and university dollars, and involve labs in sustainability efforts on campus. To date we have awarded, $33,500 to labs for participating in the program.  You can learn more about LEAP here and how you can get involved.

Freezer Resources for Labs

  • Freezer Defrost Kit – Cleaning a freezer?  We have a kit available which includes a mop and bucket, gloves, ice scraper/brush, coolers, and plastic containers.  Contact Office of Sustainability to use the kit.
  •  Freezer Available for Defrosting – The Office of Sustainability has a freezer located in the corridor between EAD and RES on the 3rd floor to help with freezer maintenance.  This freezer can be set between -20 to -80.  If you would like to use this freezer, complete this form to request it.
  • Financial Assistance for Efficiency Upgrade – Financial assistance is available (between $1000 to $3000) for energy efficient upgrades of freezers. Click here to learn more and complete the form for assistance.  THIS PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD DUE TO THE COVID-19 BUDGET IMPACTS.

This page was last modified on September 15, 2020