Composting is one of the best ways to live more sustainably since it diverts material from the landfill and contributes to healthier soil. In the summer of 2023, HSC Sustainability initiated a compost drop-off for both home and campus use for our students and employees. Below are program specifics, but please contact us with any questions or comments.

What is accepted in the program?

  • All food scraps
    (fruit and vegetable scraps, meat of any kind, eggs, dairy products, grains, sweets, etc.)
  • Compostable products
    (tableware, utensils and cups that are marked “compostable”)
  • Food-soiled fiber products
    (napkins, paper towels, coffee filters, teabags, sugar packets, chopsticks, stir sticks, etc.)

What is not accepted in the program?

  • Oil and grease
  • Plastics, glass, Styrofoam
  • Aluminum cans, metal or foil
  • Other items that aren’t ingestible

What do I collect my compost in?

We have a limited stock of 5-gallon compost bins with a locking lid (donated by the City of Fort Worth) available first come, first serve.  You can also collect items in compostable bags (available at natural stores like Natural Grocers, Central Market, etc.), buckets, compost collection bins, etc.  Please note, we are not providing compostable bags.

Where do I drop off the compost?

20230711 073910The drop-off receptacle (see photo) is located at the loading dock at the Medical Education & Training Building (MET) at 1000 Montgomery St.  The loading dock is on the west side of the building, and you can drive up and drop it off. There will be a lock on the bin, and you’ll be emailed the combination once you sign up (available for current employees and students). 

Please note, the compost receptacle is located by the recycling and trash dumpsters.  Please do not put any material in these dumpsters as these are only for on campus use, and the material needs to pass through our custodial staff to minimize contamination.

Why is the compost receptacle locked?

In order to minimize contamination and communicate with the users, the receptacle is locked. Please do not share the combination with anyone else.  We also want to know how many people are utilizing this service for reporting purposes.

When is the compost receptacle emptied?

We are working with Cowboy Compost for this service, and we’ll start with pick-ups once per week and expand as needed.  If you notice the bin is full, please let us know by calling Facilities at

How is this a free service for the users?

This composting service is paid for through the Sustainable Campus Fee, a student fee that was voted in by the students in 2010 to see more environmental improvements on campus. The fee is managed by
HSC Sustainability, and the Sustainability Committee provides approval and oversight of funds.

What about campus events?

HSC Sustainability encourages departments to provide composting at events on campus.  If you’re hosting an event for 15 people or less, you can collect the composting and drop it in the campus compost bin.  For events larger than 15 people, please contact Cowboy Compost to service the event (  They will provide bins according to your needs and pick them up afterwards.  If you need compostable items, contact Sustainability as we often have a surplus of compostable tableware and utensils.