Professional Attire Resource Closet

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If you are in need of professional wear and don’t want to break the bank, please come and see our Professional Attire Resource Closet! Our clothing racks are stocked with a wide array of professional wear in an assortment of styles and sizes.


We currently have:


  • Suits
  • Jackets
  • Shirts
  • Ties
  • Pants
  • Belts


  • Dresses
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Blouses
  • Skirts
  • Shoes

How to Use 

We are now accepting walk-in visits! Click below to view our new Closet Guidelines

Closet Guidelines



Please contact us at or (817) 735-5020 to inquire about clothing donations. No drop-offs please! Inventory changes periodically and our storage space is limited. 

Note:  As of July 22, 2022, due to an abundance of inventory we are not receiving additional donations until further notice. We will provide updates in September. Thank you for your continued generosity!

Donation Wishlist

Our Most Needed Items:

  1. Men’s shoes
  2. Men’s scrubs
  3. Women’s shoes
  4. Women’s blazers/suit jackets
  5. Men’s dress pants
  6. Women’s scrubs
  7. Belts


For potential donors to the Professional Attire Closet, we are only accepting new & slightly worn clothing items per the following procedures:

  • Please make sure all donated items have been recently cleaned and are in wearable condition

  • All donated items must be packaged and delivered in bags (plastic or paper)


DONATION STATUS: We are NOT currently accepting donations. Please check this page in the future for an updated status, or contact us at or (817) 735-5020 to inquire about items needed. Thank you!

For those receiving clothing items: All inventoried items are free and yours to keep, no questions asked. Look through our catalogue and if anything catches your attention, set up an appointment.



To schedule an appointment, click on the link below, or email