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What began in a bowling alley over 40 years ago now extends across 33-acres in Fort Worth’s Cultural District. The UNTHSC currently includes over 400 faculty members, a staff of more than 1,400, and 750 part-time and adjunct faculty from other institutions and the community. We have undergone tremendous growth since 1970 with more plans in place to grow in the future.

Green building design and construction promotes environmental, economic, and social benefits to our campus and community.   The university is committing to build all new campus buildings with at least a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification.

The First LEED Gold Facility in the UNT System

The Medical Education and Training (MET) Building (above picture) is UNTHSC’s newest building and part of phase 1 of the master plan. It earned the UNT System its first LEED Gold certification by being designed and built using methods to improve energy and water efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions, improved indoor air quality, and waste diversion.  LEED is an internationally recognized program developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to provide third-party verification that a building was designed and built using practical and measurable green building design, construction, and operational methods.

Green Features of the MET:

  • 92.4% of the previous building’s construction was recycled
  • Over 20% of the MET’s construction materials contained recycled matter and/or was extracted, processed, and manufactured within 500 miles of the its location
  • Indoor air quality was considered in the choice of the building materials and ventilation systems
  • The fire suppression system does not contain ozone-depleting substances
  • Approximately 250,000 gallons of potable water are saved each year
  • An estimated $55,000 in energy costs are saved every year

Upcoming Construction Projects

courtyard edit

Library Courtyard

The Library Courtyard will be approximately 2 acres of functional green space to be used by UNTHSC students and personnel and the larger community. The courtyard will improve the image of the campus, generate more pedestrian friendly spaces, create meeting and social spaces, and reduce the impervious surface area on campus.

Campus Center

The Campus Center will serve UNTHSC with recreation areas including weight rooms, cardio areas, group exercise, an indoor track, a multipurpose court, and locker rooms. The facility will also include dining services, lounge and study areas, meeting rooms, offices, and student organization spaces. The purpose of the Campus Center will be to become the heart of campus and create community.

Multi-Disciplinary Research Building

UNTHSC is planning to build this facility with research laboratories, classrooms, study areas, seminar rooms, and other learning and meeting spaces. This multi-disciplinary building will also provide office spaces for faculty and administrative staff and is expected to accommodate the new College of Pharmacy and many of the Health Institutes of Texas.

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