Office of Sustainability

Collage of images and decorative boxes with the words HSC Sustainability. Two images of students holding reusable items, one image of people at the HSC Community Garden, one image of volunteers doing litter cleanup, one image of produce at the Community Garden, one image of students on the bike share, and another image showing the eye glass recycling bin.

About HSC Sustainability

Our university’s mission is to “create solutions for a healthier community”. HSC Sustainability within Facilities Management supports that mission by advancing sustainable practices on campus through educational outreach, programs and initiatives, and our own campus operations.

Key Initiatives

The Office of Sustainability was founded in 2012 after the HSC students voted in a fee to fund environmental improvements on campus.  This fee, the Sustainable Campus Fee, helps fund many programs, projects, and events on campus.

Events & Announcements

Our vision is to transform our students and employees into people with a sustainability mindset.  Take action today to make our campus and community healthier and more sustainable.

  • Earth Day Activities: Save the Dates!  We’ll have two events in April for Earth Day.  The first will be a simulation activity at the HSC Regional Simulation Center on Tuesday, April 23rd from 12pm-2pm, and the second will be the fair on Thursday, April 25th from 3-5:30pm.  The fair will include FREE electronic waste recycling, snacks/drinks, giveaways, and interactive booths.
  • 2024 Annual Transit Subsidies Now On Sale:  HSC Sustainability subsidizes the annual transit passes for both students and employees.  Passes are good for all of 2024 and are up to 75% off regular rates.  Learn more here.
  • HSC Community Garden:  Interested in gardening at our community garden?  We have 35 plots all managed by students, employees or community members.  Learn more at
  • COMPOSTING SERVICE:  Composting is one of the best ways to live more sustainably since it diverts material from the landfill and contributes to healthier soil.  HSC Sustainability will initiate a compost drop-off for both home and campus compost for our students and employees.  Learn more here.
  • LEAP:  Work in a lab?  Get involved with the Lab Efficiency Action Program (LEAP).  We’ve redesigned the program to be better than ever.




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