Office of Sustainability

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UNT Health Science Center is committed to creating solutions for a healthier community. The Office of Sustainability within Facilities Management supports that mission by encouraging our campus to adopt behaviors that are better for the health of our community and environment. Our purpose is to partner with various departments and persons on campus and in the community to implement sustainable practices on campus.

For over a decade, the campus has been implementing strategies to be good stewards of our resources. These initiatives include reducing energy usage, conserving water, and recycling to name a few. Learn what our campus is doing to be sustainable and get involved in the efforts!

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  • We added faster, more reliable charging stations to campus for electric vehicles to plug in.  Click here for all the details.
  • We have 3 solar charging station tables in the Library Courtyard.  Each table features a three-port smart battery hub and can charge any USB device as fast as a wall outlet.
  • Is your lab interested in getting awarded money?  Join the Lab Efficiency Action Program (LEAP).  See the brochure here, and contact us if you’d like more information.
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  • We’re looking for students, staff, and faculty to serve on the Sustainability CommitteeContact us to learn more.  The first meeting will be in early October.
  • Interested in riding public transportation to campus?  Learn more about your options by clicking here.  We will sell the annual passes at a discounted price in October.
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This page was last modified on August 2, 2018