HSC Community Garden

Mission & Goals

The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth (HSC) is committed to create solutions for a healthier community, and the purpose of the community garden is to support that mission. Specifically, the garden’s mission is to enhance university and community engagement, promote sustainable food production, and provide educational and volunteer opportunities.   The HSC Community Garden is a program of HSC Sustainability which is a student funded initiative through Facilities Management.

The garden’s goals are to:

  • Promote Health and Nutrition – The garden provides opportunities for our gardeners and visitors to participate in activities that promote health through good nutrition and physical activity.
  • Provide Educational Opportunities – The community garden offers both hands-on and classroom events throughout the year focused on health and nutrition, environmental stewardship, and organic gardening techniques.
  • Enhance Community Engagement – By donating a portion (at least 25%) of the yield, we are fostering community relationships while serving our local community.  Furthermore, community members can manage plots at the garden and volunteer.
  • Team Build – The garden creates an environment for people to interact and work alongside others they may not normally engage with. This enhances a sense of community on campus through team building and working towards a common goal.
  • Be Stewards of the Environment – The garden incorporates environmentally sustainable gardening practices such as prohibiting the use of synthetic pesticides and incorporating native plants to encourage pollinators.  We also have rain barrels, composting, and tables made from upcycled materials.

History of the HSC Community Garden

Getting Started

The HSC Sustainability Committee founded a subcommittee in 2012 to begin and manage a community garden here on campus at the request of many people here on campus.  The subcommittee distributed a survey to the campus in April 2013 which showed strong support for the garden.  Guidelines were created, and the garden received funds from the Sustainability Committee and donations from various organizations.

The garden was built in February 2014 when over 40 volunteers came to the site to build the plots, fill them with soil, and mulch the paths.  The garden started with 16 (4’x12′) plots but we have since expanded to a total of 35 plots.  The plots are maintained by students, staff and faculty, and each plot is required to donate at least 25% of their yield to a local food bank.

Serving HSC & Our Community

Since 2014, we have donated over 2000 lbs. of fresh, organically grown produce to the local community and our Student Food Pantry! In November 2020, HSC received the Innovation Award from the City of Fort Worth for Land Redevelopment for converting a grassy vacant lot into a successful community garden.

Stewardship & Sustainability

The garden includes many sustainable features such as rain barrels, upcycled picnic tables (from old pallets), native landscaping, and compost bins.  Since 2022, 15,510 lobs of food waste and coffee grounds have been diverted from the landfill through composting.

Hsc Community Garden Award 2020

In the news…

Over the years, the HSC Community Garden has been featured in several news articles.

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Stop by the garden anytime! We are located on HSC’s campus at 3621 W 7th St. Fort Worth, TX 76107.

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